Nurse Educator Specialization Degree Plan

Sample Schedule

The schedule below is for the full-time student. A part-time student’s schedule would vary based on course availability and scheduling. This schedule is only to serve as a guide and should not replace regular meetings with your advisor.

Course offerings may vary; view the course rotation.

First semester (summer)

NUR 707 Advanced Health Assessment and Health Promotion Throughout the Lifespan 2
Total hours2

Second semester (fall)

NUR 700 Epidemiology 3
NUR 701 Nursing Science 3
NUR 786 Issues in Healthcare Education 2
NUR 784 Technology in Health Care Education 2
Total hours12

Third semester (spring)

NUR 772 Advanced Research Methods in Nursing 3
NUR 780 Teaching/Learning for Health Care Educators 3
NUR 782 Curriculum Design and Program Development 3
Thesis/Non-Thesis Project 1-2
Total hours10-11

Fourth semester (summer)

NUR 781 Nursing Education Practicum 2
Thesis/Non-Thesis Project 1-2
Total hours3-4

Fifth semester (fall)

NUR 703 Population Health: A Local to Global Perspective 3
NUR 783 Nursing Education Practicum II 2
NUR 788 Health Policies and Issues 3
Thesis/Non-Thesis Project 1-2
Total hours9