Post-Masters Doctor of Nursing Practice: Part-Time Plan of Study

The nursing department at Missouri State offers an Post-Masters Doctor of Nursing Practice degree for individuals with a master’s degree from an accredited program interested in pursuing a doctorate degree. After you are admitted to the program you will complete doctorate-level courses.

After you have been admitted into the program you will take a total 29 hours of course work and 528 clinical rotation hours. The Post-Masters DNP program can only be completed full-time or part-time and takes a minimum of four semesters to complete.

Sample schedule

Below is a sample schedule for the Post-Masters DNP program. This schedule should not replace meetings with your advisor but only serve as a guide. Keep in mind that you must be accepted to the graduate college and the program before you can begin taking courses. Courses should be completed in exactly the order they are listed on this sample schedule. This is to ensure that you will meet all requirements for graduation.

First semester (summer)

First semester courses Credit hours
NUR 990 Introduction to Transforming Practice1
NUR 800 DNP Leadership I: Concepts for Evidence-Based Practice3
Total hours4

Second semester (fall)

Second semester courses Credit hours
NUR 802 Emerging Science of Advanced Practice2
NUR 820 Social Justice and Disparities in Health and Healthcare2
NUR 700 Epidemiology3
Total hours7

Third semester (spring)

Third semester courses Credit hours
NUR 824 Health Policy to Improve Health Disparities2
NUR 840 Technology for Transforming Nursing and Healthcare Systems2
Total hours4

Fourth semester (summer)

Fourth semester courses Credit hours
(No courses this semester)
Total hours0

Fifth semester (fall)

Fifth semester courses Credit hours
NUR 830 DNP Leadership II: Impacting Disparities in Health and Healthcare3
NUR 991 Transforming Practice I3
Total hours6

Sixth semester (spring)

Sixth semester courses Credit hours
NUR 860 DNP Leadership III: Transforming Systems4
NUR 992 Transforming Practice II3
Total hours7

Seventh semester (summer)

Seventh semester courses Credit hours
NUR 993 Transforming Practice III4
Total hours4