Estimated Costs

Online, flexible and community-based. The BSN-C degree program can be completed with one-to-three years, depending on which degree plan works best for you.

BSN-C students are not usually assessed the normally required student service fees, since courses are online-only.


Effective summer 2017. 

Tuition and fees1
Total $10,930
Application fees $85
Tuition2 $10,545
Supplemental course fees3 $300
Other program costs and expenses
Total $3,278
Books4 $1,400
Community uniform5 $50
Name badge $8.50
Stethoscope and penlight6 $100
Background check7 $38.50
Background check for Dept. of Health & Senior Services $12
Drug screen $24
PPD/TB test8 $50
AHA Basic Life Support CPR9 $120
Professional liability insurance10 $200
Student tracking software (Typhon) $50
Transportation to clinical sites11 $1,200
Nursing pin (optional) $25
Estimated program totals
Estimated total13 $14,208
Tuition and fees $10,930
Other program costs and expenses $3,278


  1. Tuition and fees subject to changed based on university tuition and fees
  2. 37 credit hours required; $285 per credit hour. This does not include general education.
  3. For NUR 342, NUR 442 and NUR 482
  4. Estimated cost for four semesters at a rate of $350 per semester
  5. Per set
  6. Estimated cost. Varies from $75-$125
  7. Cost depends on requirements
  8. Purified protein derivative/Tuberculosis (PPD/TB) test. Required annually and typical cost is around $25. 
  9. Required annually. Certification must be current throughout program
  10. Approximately $100 per year
  11. We are a community-based program and travel is required
  12. Does not include cost of required health insurance. MSU no longer offers group health insurance for domestic students. More information is available on the Taylor Health website. Suggestions for purchasing student health insurance include and
  13. Fees, supplies and uniform costs are subject to change and are non-refundable. Refunds are according to the University Refund Policies