BSN-C Online

Students explore distance learning options on a computer

Sharing community from a distance

If you are a licensed RN, you are able to complete the BSN-C degree online. You may take most, if not all, of your general education courses at a college in your area, or you may take them online from Missouri State. All nursing coursework for the BSN-C Program is online. Clinical experiences can be conveniently completed in your community. The BSN-C Program length is flexible. It depends on how many general education courses you are able to transfer to Missouri State and how much time you are able to devote to school work.

As a distance learning student you will be given full access to student services available to students who attend classes on campus.

  • Faculty work to guide you through the program, complete course objectives and introduce you to different areas of nursing.
  • Professionals within the community will help you learn about your specific community interests.
  • Advisement is available to you via telephone, email, or by appointment on campus to help you stay on track to graduate.
  • You will have the opportunity to enhance your educational experience by speaking with students and faculty in electronic classroom chat rooms.
  • Through distance courses and communication with health care professionals throughout the region, you will learn about the different health care needs communities are facing.
  • Access complete application and admission requirements.