Frequently Asked Questions BSN-C

  1. Is the BSN-C accredited?

  2. Who can apply?

    • The BSN-C program at MSU is for registered nurses (RNs) who have already graduated with their associate’s degree in nursing or graduated from a diploma program.
    • There is also a Scholar’s option for those students of selected ASN programs with an outstanding academic record and endorsement of their ASN program director.
  3. How can I apply?

    • General Application Information
    • First, be accepted by MSU Admissions.
    • Second, be accepted into the BSN-C program by the Department of Nursing.
      • Use the BSN-C application packet.
      • Send the application with ALL required documentation to the Department of Nursing. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
      • Mail application packet to the nursing department. Do not email or fax application.
    • Third, contact the nursing department and talk with a BSN-C advisor regarding a plan of study.
    • Finally, come to an on-campus orientation (required).
  4. Are there application deadlines?

    • The deadlines for application to MSU are posted each year.
      • Follow this link and choose the semester you want to begin from the dropdown list.
    • The deadlines for application to the Nursing Department are 5PM CST on following dates:
      • August 1st for fall semester start
      • December 1st for spring semester start
      • May 1st for summer semester start
  5. How long will it take to get my BSN-C degree?

    • The length of the program depends on you. Think about these questions:
      • How many credits do you want to take each semester?
      • How many of the general education credits have you completed?
      • Do you want to take summer classes?
    • Full-time versus part-time:
  6. Is there a time limit for completing the degree?

    • The degree must be completed within 5 years of initial admission to the Nursing Program.
  7. How much will it cost? Can I get help with it?

    • The cost includes tuition for online courses and several fees.
    • Complete the FAFSA form for the University financial aid department, which has several options.
    • Nursing offers several scholarships.
    • Check your place of employment for tuition reimbursement or other incentives.
  8. Is the BSN-C program completely online?

    • All nursing classwork can be taken online.  Expected on-campus events and clinicals are:
      • The on-campus orientation at the beginning of your program
      • Two clinical classes, 96 hours each, can be completed near you. Individual plans are made to meet the class objectives.
    • All of the general education requirements can be met using online classes as well.
  9. What classes can be taken on campus if I choose?

    • Many of the general education classes can be taken in a seated class, if you choose.
    • Advanced Pathophysiology, Nursing Research, and the clinical classes (Community Nursing and Nursing Leadership) will accept BSN-C students along with the generic BSN students if there is space available.
  10. What courses are required?

    • MSU requires 125 credits to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. This includes your transfer credit.
    • There are 31 credits of required nursing classes, 3 credits of Statistics and 3 credits of nursing electives
  11. Are there any prerequisites to the required courses?

    • A statistics class and English 110 (a writing 1 class) are required before taking NUR 472.
    • There may also be prerequisites for some general education classes.
  12. Do required courses need to be completed in any particular order?

    • Several of the nursing courses depend on content from previous nursing courses, so look carefully at the course pre-requisites.
    • Not all of the courses are offered every semester, so also look closely at when nursing courses are offered.
  13. Why are there clinical courses?

    • Our CCNE accreditation status requires clinical contact hours
  14. Do any of my basic nursing classes count towards my degree?

    • Courses from the basic nursing program will contribute 30 credits toward the 125 required. No basic nursing classes can be substituted for the required nursing classes or nursing electives.
  15. How many classes can I take each semester and balance family and work?

    • The number of classes you take depends on you and your family and work.
    • For most professionals working full time, a credit load of 6-8 credits each semester is the maximum recommended.
  16. How much time will I spend each week on course work?

    • It is estimated that to earn a ‘B’ in college work will require over 2 homework hours each week for every one hour of credit earned.
      • For example:  A student taking a 3 credit course will spend over nine hours each week to earn a grade of ‘B’. Three of those hours will be spent at the computer participating in lectures (in many forms) and taking tests. In addition, over six hours will be spent studying or completing assignments.
  17. How will my credits transfer?

    • Most associate or diploma nursing programs will transfer 30 credits of lower division nursing plus the credits from previous non nursing courses.
    • MSU has specific transfer credit plans for classes from other colleges.
  18. Do I have to take my general education courses before beginning my BSN-C nursing courses?

    • The general education classes may be taken either before or during the nursing classwork. Completion of the Writing 1 general education requirement and a statistics course is recommended before or very near the beginning of coursework at MSU.
  19. What grades do I have to make to meet graduation requirements?

    • For retention, progression and graduation a student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.  Please look carefully at the full policy.
  20. What if I have to drop classes one semester?

    • The BSN-C is a flexible program. A student may choose to drop or not register for one semester and return the next.
    • When a student has not registered for classes for a full calendar year, the student must re-apply to both the University and the Nursing Department.