Native American Studies

The Native American Studies is an Intercollegiate Program that is housed in the College of Humanities and Public Affairs and is administered by the Associate Dean of CHPA.  It provides an interdisciplinary minor course of study allowing students to concentrate on the history, arts, and cultures of native peoples of the Americas.

207 Public Affairs Classroom Building, Phone 836-5529, FAX 836-8472


Administrator: Dr. Pam Sailors


Native American Studies program fact sheet
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November is Native American Heritage Month!

Activities at Missouri State University will be posted as they become available.

In response to an effort by many to gain a day of recognition for the great influence American Indians have had upon the U.S., Congress designated a week of October to celebrate Native American Awareness Week in 1976. Yearly legislation was enacted to continue the tradition until August 1990, when President Bush approved the designation of November as National American Indian Heritage Month. Each year a similar proclamation is issued. President Clinton noted in 1996, "Throughout our history, American Indian and Alaska Native peoples have been an integral part of the American character. Against all odds, America's first peoples have endured, and they remain a vital cultural, political, social, and moral presence." November is an appropriate month for the celebration because it is traditionally a time when many American Indians hold fall harvest and world-renewal ceremonies, powwows, dances, and various feasts. The holiday recognizes hundreds of different tribes and approximately 250 languages, and celebrates the history, tradition, and values of American Indians. National American Indian Heritage Month serves as a reminder of the positive effect native peoples have had on the cultural development and growth of the U.S., as well as the struggles and challenges they have faced.

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Native American Studies

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Fine Arts


Eighteen hours from the following courses and from at least three disciplines, with no more than nine hours from any one discipline:

ANT 325, ANT 330*, ANT 360, ANT 425, ANT 451*, ANT 452*, ANT 453*, ANT 454*

ART 273, ART 385, ART 485, ART 496*

ENG 354*, GRY 305*, 597*

HST 397*, HST 509, HST 510, REL 315.

Other courses (e.g., special topics, transfer) may be applied with the approval of the Administrator.

*when applicable