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Chamber Ensembles

Join a "conversation among close friends" by joining a chamber ensemble.

What is a chamber ensemble? A chamber ensemble is a smaller group that performs without a conductor whose members collectively act as directors for the ensemble. Chamber music, likened by some as a "conversation among close friends," provides opportunities for singers and instrumentalists to hone their technical, interpretative, and organizational skills.

Chamber Ensembles are an active part of the music program. Almost every studio has a small ensemble that is coached by a faculty member. From string quartets, woodwind quintets, brass ensembles, to small vocal ensembles heard as part of the annual Madrigal Dinner, every Missouri State music major is required to have some experience in this genre. Experiences are available for non-majors as well by audition.

Chamber music is the place where musical skills gained are put into practice. Below are two examples of chamber experiences. From Horn Ensemble, Brass Choir, Clarinet Choir, to string quartets and jazz combos, the possibilities are limitless here at Missouri State.

The Double Reed Ensemble at Missouri State is open to all oboe and bassoon players and offers performance opportunities throughout the year. Repertoire is drawn from authentic Medieval and Renaissance consort literature, as well as arrangements by Mozart, Beethoven and modern composers.

A new collection of early double reeds is also available for student use. These include the Saxon Baroque oboe, cornemuse, tenor rackett , dulcian and soprano, alto, tenor and bass crumhorns.

For more information on the Double Reed Ensemble, contact Dr. Cynthia Green Libby at

The MSU Community Flute Choir is open to all flutists in the community as well as those attending Missouri State University. Repertoire for the group ranges from serious recital selections to fun seasonal arrangements and everything else in between. They often perform as entertainment for various community events, including Artsfest, Winterfest, and as pre-concert music for the Springfield Symphony. For more information on the flute choir contact Dr. Jill Heyboer at