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Marketing Management

Want a more general marketing degree? Maybe marketing management is for you. Marketing managers implement corporate strategies dealing with product, price, place and promotion in such a way to set their organization and products apart from their competitors, while also building long-term customer satisfaction. CNN ranks marketing managers as number 26 among the top 50 “Best Jobs in America,” with an average salary of $76,600 and a projected job growth of 14 percent over the next 10 years. Positions in large organizations might include: brand, project or product managers.  Of course, this general marketing degree offers insights entrepreneurs or other marketers can use, too.

Dr. Simmers chats with a marketing student

Key skills for a marketing management major

  • Create sound marketing plans and strategy
  • Exploit and communicate the benefits of core value offerings
  • Understand the requirements to build brands and extend product lines
  • Work well with people and manage key relationships
  • Accurately manage, analyze and apply marketing information
  • Interpret and understand practical applications of metrics for measuring marketing performance