Missouri State University

Marketing Department

Alumni Spotlight

Rachel GranatinoRachel Granatino

MBA, Florida Gulf Coast University, 2009
BS, Marketing, emphasis in Advertising/Promotion, 2007

Position: Director of Marketing and Social Media


Rachel Granatino feels the Missouri State Marketing Department gave her a “superior education” because she learned how to work as part of a team. “The majority of my senior-level classes were based on how well you could adjust to others, and our professors challenged us to interact in a way that is now an everyday occurrence in my career,” said Granatino.

Team building is essential for Granatino’s job as the Director of Marketing and Social Media for (e)Merge, a healthcare marketing and consulting firm in Kansas City. “Often I meet others who fail to adapt to those they work with, and their success is hindered by their lack of personable skills,” said Granatino. “We are a smaller company, which allows me to play many roles. Each day is a challenge, though; if someone doesn’t know the answer or how to navigate our software...one of us has to learn it or figure it out quickly!”

For (e)Merge, Granatino gathers and monitors content on a variety of social media channels for clients. “Each client has their own specialty within the healthcare field and requires research in a range of topics,” said Granatino. She also works alongside management to create and implement marketing strategies for current clients, visits on site to learn more about the organizations and clients and travels the country conducting lectures and training sessions on patient experience, customer service and the benefits of utilizing social media in the healthcare industry.

Granatino enjoys her job because every day presents a new challenge. “All of our clients are different and have a specific set of needs. The strategies we develop for our orthopedic clients vary immensely from those we put in motion for a general family practice. Every day has something new in store and gives us all the chance to wear different hats,” said Granatino.

“Marketing is an evolving industry. New channels of communication are constantly created and the way businesses reach consumers continues to change daily. The industry is full of uncharted territory and will expand as far as our creative minds will take it!”

Don’t give up, and meet as many people as you can. That’s Granatino’s advice to current students. “I know it sounds cliché, but there are so many projects you want to throw in the towel on; you just have to know that the reward at the end is worth all the hard work you put in.”

“In this stage of life, networking is an essential skill, so you may as well begin now. You never know how you can benefit from knowing someone down the road.  Those who go on to succeed will be great resources later in life.”

In her free time, Granatino enjoys being active; she likes going to the gym, running and riding around on her bike.