Missouri State University

Marketing Department

Alumni Spotlight

Lesley HallLesley Hall

Juris Doctorate, MU, May 2014
MBA, MSU, 2011
BS, Supply Chain Management, MSU, 2009

 Third-year law student
City: Columbia, MO


After graduating from Missouri State with both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Lesley Hall chose to take her career in a slightly different direction—law school. As a current, third-year law student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Hall chose to study law because she finds it fascinating. “I love the law, and it is probably the most frustrating, confusing and intriguing subject on earth,” said Hall. “I enjoy learning about the ways in which people interact within and outside the ranges of the law.”

Even though she’s studying law, Hall’s marketing and business background help her understand concepts and make connections in the legal field; logistics, marketing and statistics are important concepts for lawyers to understand. “Every business, to some extent, uses logistics, streamlining the supply chain and taking products from ‘dirt to doorstop’ in the fastest, most cost-efficient way possible, as Dr. Kent says. My logistics and supply chain classes also help me determine how many defendants to ‘join’ in a lawsuit, meaning the many different organizations the plaintiff could and should file a lawsuit against is often dictated by the supply chain,” said Hall.

“The legal field often utilizes statistics as well, and marketing and statistics go hand-in-hand. For example, what is the employment rate of minority females of an organization in relation to other comparable organizations in the area? Just as marketing depends on statistics, so does the law.”

For Hall, she feels her marketing and business education proved to be more than helpful throughout law school; she attributes her quality education to the professors and faculty members. “Missouri State has an excellent marketing department because the professors are exceptional! They are highly educated, experienced and driven. They also care about their students and desire to see them achieve,” said Hall.

“Although Missouri State’s business college is the largest in Missouri, every single one of my business professors knew me by my first name, which speaks volumes.”

Hall’s advice to current marketing students? Study hard, foster good relationships and enjoy! “Value your education because what you learn will be useful in future careers and graduate education. Get to know your professors because their assistance and friendship will prove invaluable even after graduation, and enjoy the experience. Life is just as much about the journey as it is the destination,” said Hall.

After graduation, Hall plans to take the Missouri bar exam and practice law in Springfield. When she isn’t studying, Hall enjoys running, longboarding, working out, reading, writing and traveling. She also likes spending time with her fiancé, Joe; her three cats, Oliver, Princess and Lil’ Bit and her two dogs, Rosco and Opie.