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Stephanie MuschallStephanie Muschall

Year: MBA, December 2014 BS, Marketing with Emphasis in Advertising and Promotion, December 2013


Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Stephanie Muschall came to Missouri State to study graphic design. However, she wanted something different, something that blended her interests of being creative, writing, design, communication, technology and business. “When I discovered I could combine my design and writing skills into a wide range of career opportunities, I knew marketing was the right fit for me—marketing encompasses everything! I love that marketing is constantly evolving and exists in virtually every business,” said Muschall.

One of Muschall’s favorite things about the Marketing Department is the professors. “Every professor I had the opportunity to learn from was incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring. The department wants to see marketing students succeed, both in and beyond the classroom setting,” said Muschall. As a graduate student, she also likes marketing because it allows her to practice critical thinking.

“Marketing teaches you to think outside of the box and explore every solution to choose the best way to fix a problem.”

Throughout college, Muschall put her marketing education into practice during her three internships; she interned with 417 Magazine and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC). This past summer, Muschall worked as an account service intern at SKAR Advertising in Omaha, Nebraska. Some duties of her job included ensuring projects were completed on time, making sure clients needs were met, writing creative briefs, as well as conducting research to aid in decision making on upcoming projects.

In addition, Muschall researched and collaborated with co-workers on a new social media strategy for the Lottery, ultimately presenting her finding to the client. She also produced social media content for long-time client Sue Bee Honey, increasing their followers on Instagram and Pinterest by 18 and 6.8 percent.

“I loved the agency setting because I was able to learn about a variety of clients and their respective industries. Every day was different and it kept me on my toes, which I really enjoyed because it didn’t leave much room to be bored!”

After graduation in December, Muschall hopes to work in the Kansas City area in an advertising agency. Eventually she sees herself moving to the client side to work as a marketing coordinator or director.