Leader's Training Course

A crash course in leadership

Leader’s Training Course (LTC)

This course is ideal for incoming juniors, first-year masters students or transfer students who have decided they want an Army officer’s commission but have never taken a Military Science course, or had any previous military training. These students can still qualify for entry into the Advanced Course provided they have exactly two academic years remaining in their degree program. Attendance at LTC is four weeks in the summer and provides equivalent credit for the Basic Course, qualifying students for the Advanced Course. Students who elect to attend LTC also receive a salary, have meals and housing provided by the Army, and receive paid travel to and from the training. As a special incentive, students can compete for two-year Army ROTC Scholarships. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of college academic record, leadership potential, and LTC performance. As of 2010, all students who successfully complete LTC and contract into the ROTC Advanced Course receive a $5,000 signing bonus. Students can also receive 5 credit hours for attending LTC (see MIL 225).