Missouri State University

GAFMPB at MSU Campus Fall 2009


21 Missouri State Army ROTC Cadre and cadets participated in the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge on Oct 2-3rd. Participants competed in Swimming, Track and Field, Bench Press and a First Aid Test and it finished with a 20 mile or 12.4 mile road march.  Depending on how well they did participants either earned a Gold , Silver or Bronze  Badge which they are authorized to wear on their dress uniforms for the rest of their career.


GAFMPB ShotPut 1


GAFMPB ShotPut 2




GAFMPB Track 1


GAFMPB Track 2


GAFMPB Track 3


GAFMPB Weights 1


GAFMPB Weights 2


GAFMPB LongJump 1


GAFMPB LongJump 2


GAFMPB March 1


GAFMPB March 2