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New 2013 Army Nurse Corps Association Scholarship Program


Experience – You will receive direct, hands-on experience in ROTC training and you will be given significant responsibilities early in your Nursing career. Leadership – An officer is a leader.  Likewise, a Nurse is a unique leader in the Healthcare services. The Army provides nursing students with exceptional training to develop critical skills that will enable you to fulfill your vital role.

Advancement– There is no mystery regarding promotions in the Army Nurse Corps. They are based on performance in a clear-cut career path.  The Army provides you with the opportunity to progress in rank as you demonstrate nursing proficiency and effective leadership.

Professional Environment –Army Nurses are key, important members of the health care team. You’ve been given effective training to meet problems head-on, solve them quickly and adapt to fluid situations. You are a thinker and decision maker, earning the respect of your colleagues and the people who work for you.


Two, three and four year scholarships are available to nursing students.  All scholarships provide:
Full Tuition/fees per year

$1200 per year for books

Tax-free, graduated stipend during the academic school year.

Freshman - $300

Sophomore - $350

Junior - $450

Senior - $500 per month

Qualified, interested Nursing students can compete for Army ROTC Nursing Scholarships and become an Army Nurse Officer through the MSU Nursing program, Southwest Baptist University/St. John's College of Nursing and Evangel University/Cox College of Nursing program

Numerous MSU incentives: Check with our Enrollment and Scholarship Officer for details.  Nursing students who desire active duty may be eligible to receive  up to $5000 at the start of your junior year.



Two-year, ROTC Nurse Scholarships are available for current Registered Nurses seeking a graduate degree in specific nursing specialties.   To obtain information about the approved areas of study and ROTC opportunities, contact our Enrollment and Scholarship Officer, or visit the Army Nurse Corps website.


United States Citizenship
High School Graduate with a minimum GPA of 2.5
Minimum SAT of 920 or ACT of 19
Physically fit and medically qualified
Under 31 years of age on 31 December of the year you graduate from college
Good moral character

Non-Scholarship Students contracted in ROTC will receive identical stipends for their respective academic year.


For Scholarship Nurse Cadets – Aside from the tuition and fees, monthly stipend and book allowance provided, Army ROTC Scholarship Nurse Cadets also receive reimbursement on the following expenses:

Nurse Malpractice Insurance – 100% reimbursable if your School of Nursing requires you to have this in order to participate in clinicals.

Immunizations - 100% reimbursable for all costs associated with mandatory shots/immunizations. 

Nursing Uniforms and Clinical Supplies - A one-time, $400 allowance to cover expenses you paid for required nursing uniforms (pants, shirts, shoes, lab coats, etc.) and supplies (clip board, forceps, scissors, penlight, BP cuff, tape measure, stethoscope, etc.).

Clinical Nursing Fee - 100% reimbursable for expenses charged to upkeep and use the learning labs at your School of Nursing.

NCLEX-RN Review Course – 100$% reimbursable if you paid for a NCLEX-RN Review Course or took a special class through the School of Nursing specifically for the purpose of preparing for your state boards  (for the first class you take...other review courses are out of your own pocket).

NCLEX-RN Testing Fee - 100% reimbursable to cover the test center cost of administering the exam to you (for the first attempt at taking the test).



The NSTP is a paid, three-to-four week optional clinical elective between your Junior and Senior year.  This elective is conducted at 10 U.S. Army hospitals in the United States, Germany and Hawaii.  During the NSTP clinical elective, you will be introduced to the roles, responsibilities and expectations of a new officer in the Army Nurse Corps.  NTSP also provides progressive experience and leadership opportunities in a clinical setting while working side by side an Army Nurse.  Regular coaching sessions enhance your progress while providing you with valuable feedback.



Scholarship Recipients incur an eight year obligation (of which the first four years are active duty).  At the completion of the first four years, you may elect to continue on active duty or enter the Army Reserves for the remaining four years.Non-scholarship Recipients also incur an eight year obligation, but the active duty commitment is only three years.  At the completion of the first three years, you may elect to continue on active duty or enter the Army Reserves for the remaining five years.



Upon completion of your degree requirements, you will spend 2-4 years gaining a foundation in safe nursing practice.  After this time, you may apply for fully-funded graduate school.  The Army will pay your tuition, give you up to 24 months to complete your program (as a full time student) and pay your salary during this time.  Graduate level study is open to Nurse Anesthesia, Nurse Midwifery, Family Nurse Practitioner, Healthcare Administration, Informatics, and a host of Clinical Nurse Specialist fields.  Additional Nursing educational opportunities and courses are Critical Care, Emergency Nursing , Perioperative Nursing, Obstetrical and Gynecological  Nursing, Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing and Community Health  Nursing.