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Army Scholarships

  • Good student?
  • Athletic?
  • College-bound?
  • Future Leader?  

Pursue an Army Officer's commission - give your degree and career added distinction.

Start Strong with the U.S. Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC).  Army ROTC offers competitive, merit-based, full-tuition scholarships to high-performing students with proven Scholar-Athlete-Leader characteristics.

4-Year and 3-Year Scholarships

The 4-Year Scholarship application is a highly competitive process for high school Seniors who have demonstrated exceptional Scholastic, Athletic and Leadership performance and characteristics.  Competitive academic GPAs are usually well above a 3.0 with ACT scores into the 20's.   All qualifying applicants are screened, evaluated and selected based on a number of criteria, and are then notified directly by U.S. Army Cadet Command, Ft. Knox, Kentucky.  Winners who agree to accept the scholarship and meet all medical, physical and other requirements will receive financial benefits beginning in their Freshman year.  For some, they may be selected for only a "3-Year Advanced Designee" (AD) scholarship.  Financial benefits for the 3-Year AD begin in the Sophomore year.    U.S. Army ROTC scholarships pay full tuition, $1,200/year books and fees and include a monthly, tax-free stipend per month during each academic school year so long as the student meets or exceeds all academic and physical requirements as well as adheres to the Army's Values.

The deadline for applying for the 4-Year Scholarship is typically January of the Senior year.  Apply Online now.

Green to Gold Scholarship

The Green to Gold Scholarship is for qualified active duty enlisted service-members.  Scholarships pay full tuition, books and fees, $600/semester for books and a monthly stipend of $300 to $500 per month during the academic year.  Soldiers who can complete their degree in two years can also apply for the Active Duty Option or "ADO."  The ADO allows the Soldier to attend college (PCS) and retain his/her full-time, active duty pay and benefits (monthly pay, Tricare medical/dental, commissary, etc.) 

The deadline for applying for the Green to Gold Scholarship is April 1 for the upcoming academic year. Go Green to Gold

Other Scholarships exist; contact Missouri State University's Army ROTC to learn more.