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Cadet Organizations


Missouri State University Military Science Department strongly encourages all cadets to participate in student and extracurricular activities. Academic Juniors receive credit toward the Battalion and National Order of Merit List (OML) for participation in legitimate Community activities. Participation in these student and extracurricular activities adds a spirited and adventurous dimension to the traditional academic focus of military science instruction and provides the Army with an Officer possessing experiences that transcend typical Army training.  Missouri State University offers numerous activities; listed below are only those specific to MSU ROTC and are not intended to limit the number of active organizations or to prohibit the initiation of new ones.


Ranger Challenge - ROTC's NCAA-level Varsity Sport

An elite group of highly motivated and select cadets who specialize in physical conditioning, small unit tactical training, land navigation, weapons proficiency, survival and other combat skills.  This challenging activity is open to all students enrolled in a military science course and who successfully make the team; the competition and training is rigorous.  The annual Brigade Ranger Challenge Competition involves between 24-30 other University teams from Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas and Oklahoma during each Fall semester.  Cadets who successfully participate in a Ranger Challenge competition are awarded the Ranger Challenge tab to be worn on their uniform; a distinctive patch signifying to your peers that YOU are one of the elite.

MSU Ranger Challenge Team successes:

1995 - Brigade Champions              2000 - 2nd Place              2005 - 9th Place               2010- Bravo Team- First Place

1996 - Brigade Champions              2001 - 2nd Place              2006 - 3rd Place                          Alpha Team- 4th Place  

1997 - Brigade Champions              2002 - 2nd Place              2007 - 5th Place               2011- Female Team- First Place

1998 - 2d Place                                   2003- 2nd Place               2008 - 4th Place                           Alpha Team- 2nd Place

1999 - Brigade Champions              2004- 4th Place               2009 - 4th Place

Ranger Challenge is physically demanding and includes military tactics (patrols, raids, ambushes, etc), operations orders, rifle marksmanship, land navigation, stream crossing techniques and a 10K run in full military gear. The Team consists of nine-members and one alternate (10 total) who represent the Bear Battalion during the annual Brigade competition and all head-to-head meets.

 Commitment to the team is paramount for success.


Pershing Rifles

A military organization originally established as a drill company. The scope of activities conducted by the Pershing Rifles has expanded to include tactical training, basic military skills, team building, and military social functions. The Pershing Rifles are now organized as a military "fraternity" open to both men and women. Leadership training and the development of the highest ideals of the military profession are the cornerstones of the Pershing Rifles organization. Any student interested in gaining a more in-depth knowledge of military subjects is encouraged to join. Members of the Pershing Rifles wear the distinctive purple and white fourragere and the black beret when in the class "A" uniform. The Pershing Rifles are a visible part of the MSU campus life, they man the 75mm howitzer fired during home football games. The Pershing Rifles conduct one FTX per semester and membership is open to all students.

National Scabbard & Blade Honor SocietyScabbard and Blade Banner

Scabbard and Blade Honor Society 

Scabbard and Blade is the most distinguished and prestigious military honor and service society in the nation. Thus, only the finest persons are eligible for membership, which is by election and requires successful completion of a pledge term. Associate membership generally includes civilian university officials, ROTC faculty members, and other active commissioned officers. Honorary membership is usually reserved for civilians who have achieved great distinction and who have effectively promoted national defense. All Scabbard and Blade membership is for life.  Because Society members are leaders, they frequently are asked to represent their parent institutions at official functions, ceremonies, and other notable events. Scabbard and Blade companies have a record of service to the Corps of Cadets, to their institutions, and to their community. Service projects range from blood bank drives to assistance to the underprivileged, all aimed at constructive contributions to the Nation.  Members must be enrolled in ROTC, maintain a 2.50 grade point average and be service-minded.

MSU Color Guard   

Cadets perform color guard duties on a rotational basis for home football and basketball games, parades and other functions determined by the Professor of Military Science as appropriate. Service on color guards teach military drill, respect for the national colors and places tremendous responsibility and leadership on the cadet.

Association of the United States Army (AUSA) 

AUSA is a private, non-profit educational organization that supports America's Army - Active, National Guard, Reserves, Civilians, Retirees, ROTC Cadets and family members.  AUSA Chapters worldwide develop programs and activities that provide community support for America's Army through individual and corporate members.  The Institute of Land Warfare (ILW) extends the influence of AUSA by informing and educating its members and the American public on the critical nature of land forces and the importance of the United States Army.  The MSU AUSA Cadet Company focuses on building knowledge and professionalism among the corps of cadets. Membership is limited to enrolled ROTC cadets; receive the national monthly magazine and a regional newspaper which discuss issues of importance to the US Army and those being considered in the US Congress. Members also receive a ribbon for wear on the class "A" uniform signifying membership.


Reserve Officers' Association (ROA)     

Serving our Nation's Citizen Warriors Since 1922!The Reserve Officers Association (ROA) represents members of the seven United States Uniformed Services

What Is ROA?
The men and women who serve our Nation in the cause of freedom need and deserve a voice in creating government policy. ROA provides that voice. Respected, vigorous, effective—ROA has a long list of policy accomplishments, and an ambitious long-range program for the coming decade and beyond.

ROA Founding and Charter
Founded in 1922, and chartered by Congress in 1950, ROA's mission is to "...support and promote the development and execution of a military policy for the United States that will provide adequate National Security."