Missouri State University

Faculty and Staff


                      MSD Group
                                           Military Science Department Cadre & Staff, Sep 2013

                                            COMMAND TEAM 

Commander & Professor of Military Leadership                     Senior Military Instructor
     Office Phone: (417) 836-4357                                              Office Phone: (417) 836-6095

    TSWisdom@MissouriState.edu                                        JoshuaWilson@MissouriState.edu

           LTC Troy Wisdom                                                 MSG Wilson

     Lieutenant Colonel Troy S. Wisdom                                   Master Sergeant Joshua Wilson


CPT Ray Emert

Captain Ray Emert

Assistant Professor of Military Science

Office Phone: (417) 836-4361

E-mail address: RayEmert@MissouriState.edu

CPT Fleck

Captain Gary Fleck

Assistant Professor of Military Science

Office Phone: (417) 836-4359

E-mail address: GFleck@MissouriState.edu



2LT Derek Bremer

Gold Bar Recruiter

Office Phone: (417) 836-5791

E-mail address: DerekBremer@MissouriState.edu



 SSG Cloud

Staff Sergeant Charles Cloud

Assistant Instructor of Military Science

Office Phone: (417) 836-4354

E-mail address: Cloud505@MissouriState.edu
Doug Schenck  

Doug Schenck

Scholarships and Enrollment Officer

Office Phone:  (417) 836-5793

E-mail address:  DSchenck@MissouriState.edu


 Phillip Roberson


Phillip Roberson

Military Science Instructor

Office Phone: (417) 836-5835

E-mail address:  PRoberson@MissouriState.edu

Olivia Johnston


Olivia Johnston

Human Resources Assistant

Office Phone: (417) 836-4360


E-mail address:  OJohnston@MissouriState.edu

Mike Simpson

Mike Simpson

Logistics Coordinator

Office Phone:  (417) 836-5146

E-mail address:  MikeSimpson@MissouriState.edu

Shelly Griese


Shelly Griese

Administrative Assistant

Office Phone: (417) 836-5791


E-mail address:  SGriese@MissouriState.edu

Evelyn Anton


Evelyn Anton

Administrative Clerk


Office Phone: (417) 836-4355


E-mail address:  EvelynAnton@MissouriState.edu