Registration Packet Items

Academy Registration Packets for 2013 will be arriving to accepted applicants shortly for review by students and parents/guardians. Note that some materials are provided "for your information," while others must be signed and returned for our files.  These signed release forms must be on file in order for students to fully participate in the Academy.

The following materials will be found within your registration packets:

Left Side of Packet: For your information

Right Side of Packet: Sign and Return

  1. MIA Handbook
  2. Residence Life Expectations
  3. Taylor Health and Wellness Notice of Privacy  Practices
  4. Agenda: What, Where and When
  5. Campus parking and Building Map
  6. Project Activities and Structure
  7. What to bring/What NOT to bring
  1. Agreement of Understanding (Signature Required)
  2. Emergency/Medical Questionnaire(Signature Required)
  3. Study Consent Form (Signature Required)
  4. Contact Information Release Form (Signature Required)
  5. Photo Release Consent Form (Signature Required)
  6. Prescription Form
  7. Prearranged Departure Form (Signature Required)
  8. Tuition Payment Schedule
  9. Brewer Science Confidentiality Notice (Signature Required)



As always, if you should have any questions, please contact our office at (417) 836-5249, or email us at