Missouri State University
Missouri Fine Arts Academy June 8-28, 2014

Student Application

Student Applicant Information

Valid email address required

Valid email address required

Are you a U.S. citizen?
If not a U.S. citizen, are you a permanent resident?

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School Information

Provide a teacher, counselor, or other school official who knows you well with the MFAA Student Evaluation form, and have him/her submit the form electronically or by mail by the application deadline of Feb. 7, 2014.

Area of Applied Study
Select the discipline in which you are applying:

Below are the federal government guidelines for eligibility for free and reduced price school meals. Applicants who qualify under these guidelines may apply for MFAA scholarships, even if they have not applied for free or reduced price meals at their schools. A certification of eligibility is required when the applicant accepts the invitation to the Academy.

Maximum Household Income
Eligible for Free Meals
Maximum Household Income
Eligible for Reduced Priced Meals
 Annually Monthly Weekly  Annually Monthly Weekly
1 $14,937 $1,245 $288 $21,257 $1,772 $409
2 $20,163 $1,681 $388 $28,694 $2,392 $552
$25,389 $2,116 $489 $36,131 $3,011 $695
$30,615 $2,552 $589 $43,568 $3,631 $838
$35,841 $2,987 $690 $51,005 $4,251 $981
$41,067 $3,423 $790 $58,442 $4,871 $1,124
$46,293 $3,858 $891 $65,879 $5,490 $1,267
$51,519 $4,294 $991 $73,316 $6,110 $1,410
Each add'l

+ $5,226

+ $436

+ $101

+ $7,437

+ $620

+ $144
Scholarship Eligibility
Please select the appropriate elibility level: (To be completed by parent/guardian in conjunction with applicant)

Who may apply

Any current high school sophomore or junior may apply to the Missouri Fine Arts Academy may apply in the following areas of study:

  • Visual Arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, photography, digital art)
  • Theatre (acting)
  • Dance (modern, ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop)
  • Creative Writing (fiction, short story, poetry, playwriting, spoken word)
  • Music (vocal or instrumental performance, songwriting, composition, electronic music)

To apply in another artistic discipline, please contact MFAA Director Ray Castrey at mfaa@missouristate.edu or 417-836-6607.

Application materials

Each applicant must submit all the following application materials:

  1. Student application form
    The application is now available online (preferred method) or a .pdf version* is available to electronically complete and email to mfaa@missouristate.edu.
  2. Essay
    In about 500 words, describe the impact of the arts in your life and how the interdisciplinary and collaborative experiences of MFAA might help you grow as an artist and person.
    You may type and email essay separately or use the MFAA Student Application essay form*.
  3. Student evaluation by school personnel
    Provide a teacher, counselor, or other school official who knows you well with the MFAA Student Evaluation form*, and have him/her submit the form electronically or by mail.
  4. A portfolio/video performance
    Visual artists and creative writers must submit a digtal or physical portfolio of their work. Actors, dancers, and musicians must submit a performance video. Composers/electronic musicians may submit audio files and/or scores of their work. Closely follow MFAA's Portfolio and Video Performance Preparation Guidelines*.

    Please note that we are unable to return any application materials.

* PDF forms require Adobe Reader® to view and successfully complete. For best results, right-click on the document link to save the file to computer desktop and then open with Adobe Reader.

Application deadline

All application materials must be electronically submitted or postmarked to:

Missouri Fine Arts Academy
901. S. National Ave.
Springfield, MO  65897

Application status

Early applicants will be notified by Feb. 24, 2014 of their status for MFAA 2014.

For any additional information, please contact Ray Castrey, MFAA Director, at mfaa@missouristate.edu or 417-836-6607.