Faculty and Staff Directory

Guillermo A. Arciniegas

Teaching: Elementary Spanish I and II

Amy M. Bergant

Teaching: Hero Myth

Kelly N. Cabrera Hurtado

Kelly N. Cabrera Hurtado

Coordinator International Leadership and Training Ctr

Teaching: Intermediate Spanish II

Dr. Edwin M. Carawan

Teaching: Classical Mythology, Greek Civilization, Elementary Ancient Greek I and II

Anne Colombo

Teaching: Elementary French I and II, Intermediate French II, Culture Populaire, Le Francais vivant

Dr. D. Roger R. Dowdy

Teaching: Elementary Spanish I, Intermediate Spanish II, Spanish Composition

Dr. Mary C. Harges

Teaching: Elementary Spanish I and II, Spanish Composition, Advanced Spanish Composition and Conversation, Modern Peninsular Literature, Directed Readings, Seminar in Spanish Literature

Dr. Madeleine F. Hooper

Dr. Madeleine F. Hooper

Associate Professor
Director of Global Studies

Global Studies, Internationalization, Advising, Assessment, Outreach; Teaching: Elementary French II, Intermediate French I and II, German Reading and Conversation

Dr. Joseph J. Hughes

Teaching: Classical Mythology, Hero and Quest, Special Topics in Classics, Classical Civilization, Global Studies

Dr. Julie A. Johnson

Teaching: Hero and Quest, Greek Civilization, Classical Mythology

Dr. Jason R. Jolley

MODERN AND CLASSICAL LANGUAGES; Teaching: Elementary Spanish I, Spanish Translation, Spanish American Civilization and Culture, Spanish Conversation and Composition

Melanie Kleeschulte

Teaching: Elementary Spanish II

Dr. Pedro G. Koo

Teaching: Intermediate Spanish I and II, Spanish American Literature, Hispanic Cinema, Business and Professional Spanish, Elementary Spanish I and II, Civilization of Spain

Luis F. Lombilla

Teaching: Elementary Spanish I and II, Spanish Proficiency Skills, Civilization of Spain, Service Learning in Spanish

Dr. Judith E. Martin

Teaching: Intermediate German I and II, Conversational Strategies, Topics in German(ic) Literature and Culture, German Reading and Conversation, Seminar Course in German

Isabel De Azeredo Moura

Isabel De Azeredo Moura

Academic Administrative Assistant
Per Course Faculty for Foreign Language Institute

Dr. Robert L. Norton

Teaching: Clinical Experiences in Teaching II, Supervised Teaching (Secondary Foreign Language), Supervised Teaching (Elementary Foreign Language)

Dr. Pauline Nugent

Teaching: Research in Latin Literature, Patristics and Late Latin Writers, Intermediate Latin IV, Classical Mythology, Comparative Mythology, Gender Studies in Antiquity, Hero and Quest

Dr. Vanessa Rodriguez de la Vega

Teaching: Elementary Spanish I and II, Intermediate Spanish I and II, Peninsular Literature, Spanish American Literature, Spanish American Civilization and Culture

Dr. Weirong Y. Schaefer

Dr. Weirong Y. Schaefer

Senior Instructor
Asian Arts and Letters Coordinator

Teaching: Elementary Japanese and Elementary Chinese I and II, Special Topics in Japanese, Chinese Reading and Conversation, Business and Professional Chinese, Seminar Course in Chinese, Asian Cultural Studies: focus on Japan/China, Hero and Quest

Dr. Corinne E. Shirley

Teaching: Elementary Latin II, Roman Epic, Independent Studies in Latin, Intermediate Latin III, Classical Mythology, Roman Civilization, Medical Terminology

Dr. Tonia E. Tinsley

Teaching: Intermediate French I, Elementary French II, Service Learning in French, French Grammar and Composition, University Supervisor MCL Student Teaching: Elementary and Secondary Foreign Language

Dr. Stephen W. Trobisch

Teaching: German, Honors College

J. Dane Wallace

Teaching: Introduction to Global Studies 250, Hero and Quest, Classical Mythology, First Year Programs, ELI

MSU Foreign Language Institute

Offering additional language courses in Arabic, Italian, Portuguese and Russian