Modern & Classical Languages (MCL)
  Classics-Latin Concentration

Dr. Pauline Nugent teaches

Why study Latin at Missouri State University?

  • If you are pursuing a career in law, religion, medicine or science, knowing Latin can help you comprehend and transcribe documents in those fields. Many medical terms have Latin roots, while many religious transcripts are written in Latin.
  • Scholars working in different countries use Latin as a universal language.
  • Latin can help you learn the vocabulary of Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French, because these languages have their roots in Latin. Mastering the Latin language can set you on the way to becoming multilingual.

Developing your language, research and problem solving skills

The Latin degree at Missouri State University is a liberal arts program that focuses on developing a thorough understanding of the language, your speaking and writing ability, your research skills and your ability to problem solve. With this program, you will develop a broad, global perspective on the Latin language. This flexible degree also allows you to tailor the program to your specific interests and goals through elective coursework and the addition of a minor.