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Modern & Classical Languages (MCL)

BSE Four-Year Graduation Plan: German

Future Students

This is a model four-year graduation plan. Your path to graduation will vary based on factors such as college credit you earned while in high school, your choice of a minor or second major, initial placement in your language courses and Study Away.

Current Students

This model is not intended as an advisement tool. Please see the Advised Course List and the Course Rotation for your intended/declared major, and meet with your advisor before registering.

First semester (fall)

First semester courses Credit hours
GRM 101 Elementary German I3
GEP 101 First-Year Foundations2
COM 115 Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
ENG 110 Writing I3
MTH 130 Contemporary Mathematics3
Total hours14

Second semester (spring)

Second semester courses Credit hours
GRM 102 Elementary German II3
KIN 210 Healthy Lifestyles: Preventive Approaches3
ENG 210 Writing II: Writing Across the Disciplines3
EDC 150 Introduction to Teaching0
PSY 121 Introductory Psychology3
Natural World course (with lab)4
Total hours16

Third semester (fall)

Third semester courses Credit hours
GRM 201 Intermediate German I3
Natural World course (no lab)4
Culture and Society course (humanities)3
Self Understanding course (creativity and vision)3
Self Understanding course (humanities)3
Total hours16

Fourth semester (spring)

Fourth semester courses Credit hours
GRM 202 Intermediate German II3
GRM elective above 1023
SEC 302 General Methods of Instruction in the Middle and Secondary Schools3
Culture and Society course (social sciences)3
Elective (any non-required three hour course)3
Total hours16

Fifth semester (fall)

Fifth semester courses Credit hours
GRM elective above 1023
GRM elective above 1023
GRM elective above 1023
PLS 101 American Democracy and Citizenship3
PSY 360 Educational Psychology3
Total hours15

Sixth semester (spring)

Sixth semester courses Credit hours
Upper-division GRM course3
Upper-division GRM course3
400- or 500-level GRM course3
HST 121 or HST 1223
EDC 350 School and Society3
Total hours15

Seventh semester (fall)

Seventh semester courses Credit hours
MCL 413 Teaching of Foreign Languages3
400- or 500-level GRM course3
EDT 365 Educational Applications of Technology and Media3
SPE 340 Educational Alternative for Exceptional Students2
RDG 474 Reading and Writing in the Content Fields2
SFR/PSY 4863
Total hours16

Eighth semester (spring)

Eighth semester courses Credit hours
MCL 493 Supervised Teaching (Elementary Foreign Language)6
MCL 496 Supervised Teaching (Secondary Foreign Language)6
MCL 499 Program Assessment0
Total hours12


1. This sample schedule assumes students will test out of the computer literacy requirement.

2. As reflected in this sample schedule, the BSED in German requires at least 12 hours of upper-division GRM credits, including at least 6 hours at the 400 or 500 levels.

3. Up to 6 hours of LLT 225 and LLT 271 may count toward the BSED in German, with advisor approval.

4. This sample schedule does not assume students will enter the program having completed (or tested out of) GRM 101 and 102. Students entering the program as freshman with credit for those two courses must replace those 6 hours with additional electives.

5. As written, this sample schedule totals 120 hours. An additional 5 hours are required for graduation. Students are encouraged to add 1 credit hour of service learning to two GRM courses at the 300 level or higher and to take one additional 3-hour GRM elective (during their final semester) to bring the total to 125 hours.

6. Students are strongly encouraged to study away in a German-speaking country for at least a summer, preferably an entire semester. The department coordinates an intensive summer study away program, and the Study Away Office can work with students to find a program that fits their needs.