Modern & Classical Languages (MCL)
  Minor in Classical Humanities

Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Why minor in Classical Humanities at Missouri State University?

  • Classical Humanities can complement a variety of degrees, including international business and finance, among others.
  • Knowing Classical Humanities can help you land exciting jobs in a variety of fields.
  • Studying Classical Humanities will prepare you to pursue graduate studies.

Minor Requirements

Classics-Classical Humanities Concentration

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science

Complete 15 hours from the following: HST 343(3), 597(3)*; LLT 121(3), 240(3), 321(3), 325(3), 326(3); LTN or GRK above 102; PHI 306(3); REL 571(3)

*when applicable

Adding a minor

To add a minor, visit the Academic Advisement Center in University Hall 109.