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Respiratory Therapy

Department of Kinesiology 

For More Information

Respiratory Therapy Advisor
Department of Kinesiology
Missouri State University
901 South National Avenue
Springfield, Missouri 65897
Office: 417-836-5252
Fax: 417-836-5371
Email: kin@missouristate.edu

Career Preparation

Respiratory therapists perform procedures crucial in maintaining the lives of seriously ill patients with respiratory problems. RTs administer various types of gas, aerosol and breathing treatments; assist with long-term continuous artificial ventilation; maintain respiratory therapy equipment; and maintain records of patients’ therapies.

The therapist’s training leads to extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and clinical medicine. Individuals who want to assist others by combining personal interaction with technical skills are well suited to this profession.

Respiratory therapists are employed in hospitals, nursing care facilities, clinics, physicians’ offices, companies providing emergency oxygen services and municipal organizations.

Academic Program

Missouri State offers a program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in respiratory therapy for students who have completed, or will complete, a registry-level program at an accredited respiratory therapy school. The curriculum requires 90 university-level credit hours, plus completion of an accredited respiratory therapy program (35 hours).

The curriculum includes biological and physical sciences basic to understanding the functioning of the human breathing system, such as anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, chemistry, mathematics, microbiology and physics. Please consult the current Missouri State Catalog at www.missouristate.edu/catalog for specific degree requirements.


The on-campus faculty teaches the general education, preparatory and major degree requirements, such as anatomy, physiology and medical and pathologic physiology. Specialists who have considerable experience in the practical, as well as theoretical, aspects of respiratory therapy provide the training received during the clinical phase.


The Respiratory Therapy major is administered by the Kinesiology Department housed in McDonald Arena. The affiliated hospitals are all exceptionally well-equipped with modern medical equipment. During training in the clinical phase, students are taught how to work with such equipment.

Sample Schedule

Missouri State is committed to assisting students to graduate in four years--see sample graduation plans for this major.

The following is a sample schedule for this major--your actual schedule will vary.

First Semester Courses Hours
ENG 110 Writing I3
MTH 135 College Algebra3
BMS 110 Introduction to the Biomedical Sciences4
PSY 121 Introductory Psychology3
CIS 101 Computers for Learning2
GEP 101 First-Year Foundations2
Total Hours 16
Second Semester Courses Hours
COM 115 Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
ECO 155 Principles of Macroeconomics3
HST 121 Survey of the History of the United States to 18773
CHM 160 or CHM 1054 - 5
Option area course3
Total Hours 16


First Semester Courses Hours
KIN 210 Healthy Lifestyles: Preventive Approaches3
PLS 101 American Democracy and Citizenship3
Total Hours 5
Second Semester Courses Hours

Sophomore Year

First Semester Courses Hours
ACC 201 or ECO 1553
BMS 307 Human Anatomy4
Culture and Society3
ENG 221 Writing II: Writing for the Professions3
Option Area Course3
Total Hours 16
Second Semester Courses Hours
PHY 123 Introduction to Physics I4
BMS 308 Human Physiology4
BIO 210 Elements of Microbiology3
Culture and Society3
Option Area Course3
Total Hours 17

Junior Year

First Semester Courses Hours
GEP 3973
BMS 561 Medical and Pathologic Physiology4
BMS 562 Medical and Pathologic Physiology Laboratory1
Culture and Society3
Option Area Course6
Total Hours 17
Second Semester Courses Hours

RST 105 must be taken at Ozarks Technical College prior to attending their Respiratory training program