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Physical Education


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Missouri State University
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Career Preparation

Career opportunities exist in teaching physical education, athletic coaching, health education and health promotion and wellness. Job markets are very stable, and graduates have excellent opportunities for employment.

Academic Program

The Bachelor of Science in Education degree in Physical Education requires 131 hours for K-12 certification. Certification is also available in Health (27 to 29 hours). A variety of fitness and leisure skill courses are available. A Coaching minor (22 hours) also is available.

High school students interested in teaching and/or coaching careers in physical education should be active in athletics, or related areas, take physical education and health classes and take a biology and chemistry course. Students must maintain 2.5 GPA and pass C-BASE and Praxis exams to be certified.

Graduate Program

The Master of Science in Education, Secondary Education degree is available with an emphasis in Physical Education for those desiring advanced study after completing requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree. 

The Master of Science degree in Health Promotion and Wellness Management is available in the Department of Kinesiology for students interested in careers in health, human services and fitness-related business venues.

The Sports Management Certificate started in Fall 2000. This program is designed to give students practical knowledge and application in the profession of sports management. This program is also available online. Internships may involve state, regional and national assignments.


The Department of Kinesiology has 23 full-time faculty members, 17 with doctorates. Experience and expertise is varied and comprehensive.


The department is located in historic McDonald Hall and Arena. This facility includes five strength/fitness rooms, three classrooms, a gymnastics room, a multi-purpose room, a combative sports room, a gymnasium, an exercise science lab, locker rooms and offices. 

Other facilities include several practice fields, Plaster Sports Complex and Hammons Student Center (16 handball/racquetball courts, two gyms and an indoor pool), 10 outdoor-lighted tennis courts and bowling lanes located in Plaster Student Union.


The Physical Education curriculum has a strong reputation throughout the state of Missouri and is in full compliance with both state and national certification and accreditation guidelines. Scientific based courses include integrated computer applications, interactive technology and experimental laboratory exercises.


Employment opportunities for Physical Education majors are strong. Graduates must be willing to locate in areas outside of Springfield for optimum career placement. Master’s level graduate programs throughout the country readily accept Missouri State graduates for further study.


Sample Schedule

Missouri State is committed to assisting students to graduate in four years--see sample graduation plans for this major.

The following is a sample schedule for this major--your actual schedule will vary.

Freshman Year

First Semester Courses Hours
BIO 102 Principles of Biological Science or BIO 121 General Biology I4
ENG 110 Writing I3
GEP 101 Intro to University Life2
KIN 210 Healthy Lifestyles: Preventive Approaches3
PSY 121 Introductory Psychology3
CIS/CSC 101 or Comptency Test2
Total Hours 16
Second Semester Courses Hours
CHM 105 or 160 Fundamentals of Chemistry Or CHM 1164-5
COM 115 Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
MTH 135 College Algebra3
KIN 200 Foundations of Education and Physical Education3
KIN 240 Creative Dance and Exploratory Activities for Children2
Total Hours 15/16

Sophomore Year

First Semester Courses Hours
Humanities Perspective3
Creativity & Vision Perspective3
KIN 250 Applied Human Anatomy3
KIN 264 Team Sports2
KIN 270 Recreational and Aerobic Dance Techniques1
KIN 257 Personal Health2
HST 121 or 122 History of U.S.3
Total Hours 17
Second Semester Courses Hours
Social Science Perspective3
KIN 252 Applied Human Physiology3
ATC 222 Athletic Injuries2
KIN 277 Individual and Dual Sports2
KIN 273 Aquatics1
PLS 101 American Democracy and Citizenship3
ENG 210 Writing II: Writing Across the Disciplines3
Total Hours 17


Courses Hours
PSY 3603
Humanities Perspective3
Total Hours 6
Second Semester Courses Hours

Junior Year

First Semester Courses Hours
KIN 360 Kinesiology4
KIN 431 Teaching K-4 Physical Education3
KIN 361 Principles of Motor Learning in Physical Education2
KIN 386 Social Basis of Physical Activity and Sport3
KIN 300-305 Sport Theory (ftbl, T, R, vball)1
KIN 300-305 Sport Theory (bball, baseb, softb)1
KIN 358 Health Education Methods3
Total Hours 17
Second Semester Courses Hours
KIN 260 Outdoor Leisure Education2
KIN 335 Organization and Administration of Physical Education and Sport2
KIN 362 Exercise Physiology4
KIN 430 History and Philosophy of Physical Education3
KIN 440 Middle School (5-9) Physical Education3
KIN 545 Perceptual and Motor Development3
Total Hours 17

Senior Year

First Semester Courses Hours
KIN 411 Teaching of Secondary Physical Education3
KIN 468 Adapted Physical Education4
KIN 485 Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity2
KIN 575 Measurement and Evaluation Applied to Physical Education3
RDG 474 Reading and Writing in the Content Fields2
Total Hours 13
Second Semester Courses Hours
KIN 493 Supervised Teaching (Secondary Physical Education)5-6
KIN 496 Supervised Teaching (Elementary Physical Education)5-6
Total Hours 12