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Ozarks Studies

College of Arts and Letters 

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Career Preparation

The Ozarks Studies Program is an interdisciplinary graduate program leading to a certificate in Ozarks Studies. Faculty from various departments and colleges throughout the University offer courses that are part of this program, which is administered through the College of Arts and Letters. The courses offered as part of the certificate offer a comprehensive perspective of the region’s natural environment, history, culture, and business climate. The certificate is designed to preserve and promote the heritage of the Ozarks and to cultivate an understanding of its place in today’s world.

The program is designed to be individualized according to a student’s interests; it provides an ideal complement for graduate students pursuing degrees in a variety of areas, including education, history, religious studies, administrative studies, communication, public administration, and business.

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for the Certificate in Ozarks Studies program, a student must be admitted to the Graduate College. Students may pursue the Certificate in Ozarks Studies as a stand-alone program or may complete the certificate along with any graduate degree offered by the University. Admission to the certificate program does not constitute admission to any other Missouri State University graduate program.


All courses for the Certificate in Ozarks Studies require work focusing on the Ozarks.

Core Courses, 9 hours

  • HST 696 3 Readings in History
  • GRY 597 3 Special Topics in Geography*
  • ENG 583 3 Themes in Folkloristics

*Taken in conjunction with GRY 301 Geography of the Ozarks, with additional Ozarks research project required for graduate credit.

3 hours from the following courses

  • GRY 510 3 Tourism and Sustainability
  • PLN 574 4 Open Space/Recreation Planning

3 hours from the following courses

  • ANT 596 3 Directed Readings in Anthropology
  • SOC 596 3 Directed Readings in Sociology
  • SOC 685 3 Community Change
  • SOC 690 3 Religion in Society

Other Requirements

Completion of the certificate requires submission of a portfolio containing all Ozarks-focused projects done for this certificate. The portfolio must be submitted one month before graduation and must be approved by the Ozarks Studies Committee of the College of Arts and Letters.

Related Courses

*These courses will not fullfill certificate requirements.

  • ENG 385 3 Ozarks Traditions
  • GRY 301 3 Geography of the Ozarks
  • MUS 399 1 Traditional Music of the Ozarks