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Native American Studies Minor

College of Humanities and Public Affairs  

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Native American Studies

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Career Preparation

The minor in Native American Studies offers a multidisciplinary exploration of the history, arts, and cultures of the first Americans, past and present. It can be an excellent complement to many majors, including art, history and anthropology. The knowledge provided will be valuable if not essential in any career that involves working with Native Americans in business, social services, public administration or health and medicine. The minor will also stimulate awareness and appreciation of the ethnic and cultural diversity of the United States, which is an increasing concern in the workforce and society today, as well as the importance of cultural heritage.

Academic Program

Missouri State is the only university in the state of Missouri with a degree program in Native American Studies. The minor is comprised of courses from six different disciplines. It may be applied to the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. The minor requires a total of 18 hours, selected from the following courses, including courses from at least three disciplines, with no more than nine hours from any one discipline.


  • ANT 325: North American Indian Cultures
  • ANT 330: Peoples and Cultures (variable topics, including Anthropology of the Southwest)*
  • ANT 360: North American Archaeology
  • ANT 525: North American Indians Today
  • ANT 451: Prehistoric Field Archaeology*
  • ANT 453: Archaeological Laboratory Methods*
  • ANT 454: Archaeological Research and Report Preparation*

Art History:

  • ART 273: Survey of the Art of Africa, Oceania and the Americas
  • ART 385: Art of the Americas
  • ART 485: Art of Mesoamerica
  • ART 496: Special Topics in Art History*


  • ENG 354: Ethnic American Literature*


  • GRY 305: Selected World Regions* (including Native America)
  • GRY 597: Special Topics in Geography* (including Native America)


  • HST 397: Special Topics in History* (including Pre-Columbian Mexico)
  • HST 509: Indian History
  • HST 510: The Plains Indians

Religious Studies:

  • REL 315: American Indian Religions

*when applicable

Please consult the Missouri State Catalog online at www.missouristate.edu/catalog for specific course information.


Faculty teaching courses in the minor have expertise in a wide range of subjects, including North American archaeology, Plains Indian society and culture, governmental relations between the U.S. and Indian nations, resource planning and development on reservations and the art, history, and archaeology of ancient Mesoamerica.

Administration of the Minor

Courses in the minor are selected by the Native American Studies Committee. The Associate Dean of the College of Humanities and Public Affairs must approve the course of study for each student who wishes to complete the minor.


AISA—American Indian Student Association.

Contact 417-836-5684.