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Military Science

Department of Military Science 

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Department of Military Science
Missouri State University
901 South National Avenue
Springfield, Missouri 65897
Office: 417-836-5791
Fax: 417-836-5792
Email: MilSci@missouristate.edu

Career Preparation

Army ROTC courses provide an additional dimension to any college curriculum by offering instruction and practical work in leadership, management and confidence-building training.  The skills obtained from ROTC classes are directly applicable in many civilian career fields.

Students who complete the ROTC program are commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the U.S. Army, the Army National Guard and the Army Reserve.  Upon graduation, these students may compete to enter the Army on a full-time basis or pursue their chosen civilian careers and serve part-time in the Army National Guard or Army Reserve. Students who enter the Army on a full-time basis earn starting salaries in excess of $47,621 a year. (Source 2010 defense authorization bill.)

Students who complete the ROTC program and serve in the Army also find that they gain valuable job experience that translates into a significant advantage when competing in the civilian job market.

Academic Program

Military Science 100- and 200-level courses are open to all students. Students who enroll in these courses are trained in basic military skills such as map reading, rappelling, basic rifle and pistol marksmanship. All 100- and 200-level courses provide two academic credit hours and may fulfill elective credit in any program.

Enrollment in 300- and 400-level Military Science courses is limited to students who meet academic, medical and physical fitness requirements.  Students enrolling in these courses must conform to appearance standards and must serve as an officer in the Army, Army National Guard or Army Reserve after graduation.  Uniforms are issued to those who actively participate. While enrolled in 300- and 400-level courses, students receive a tax-free monthly allowance of $450 during their junior year and a $500 allowance during their senior year and attend a four-week Leader Development & Assessment Course (LDAC) in the summer between their junior and senior years. Travel to and from the LDAC, plus a salary and room and board while there, also are paid by the Army.

A Military Science minor can be satisfied by completion of not less than 21 hours consisting of MIL 301, 302, 411, 412 and HST 315, plus at least one course in each of the following fields of study:

  • Communication Skills: ENG 110, ENG 220
  • Computer Literacy: CIS/CSC 101, CSC 111, CIS/CSC 121, TEC 161


Please consult the Missouri State Catalog online at www.missouristate.edu/catalog for specific course descriptions.

  • MIL 101: Foundation of Officership
  • MIL 102: Introduction to Basic Military Skills & Leadership
  • MIL 125: Leadership Fitness
  • MIL 211: Basic Military Skills Techniques
  • MIL 212: Military Fundamentals & Teamwork
  • MIL 225: Basic Military Science Practicum (Leader Training)
  • MIL 301: Military Leadership and Problem Solving
  • MIL 302: Military Leadership, Ethics & Tactics
  • MIL 325: Advance Military Science Practicum (Leadership Development and Assessment)
  • MIL 411: Military Leadership & Management
  • MIL 412: Officership
  • MIL 496: Readings/Research in Military Science


When required, uniforms also are provided at no cost. Full tuition, two-, three-, and four-year scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis to full-time freshmen, sophomores and potential Master’s students. These scholarships include tuition, payment of lab fees and a book stipend, plus a monthly tax- free allowance of $300, freshman year; $350, sophomore year; $450, junior year; and $500, senior year. Any full-time college student may compete for a scholarship. Scholarship recipients must agree to complete the ROTC program and serve in the active Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard.

All students enrolled in military science courses who also enter into an Army ROTC contract are eligible to apply for various scholarships, including the Captain Andrew M. Long Scholarship and the Command Sergeant Major Billy Dean Perry Memorial Scholarship. The recipients of these scholarships are announced in April each year.