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Department of Marketing  

For More Information

Ronald L. Coulter, Ph.D.

Missouri State University
901 South National Avenue
Springfield, Missouri 65897
Office: 417-836-5413
Fax: 417-836-4466
Email: Marketing@missouristate.edu

Career Preparation

Marketing is a fundamental area of business administration that most often determines the success and failure of a business. As we begin this century, we find that marketing has expanded its traditional business role of satisfying demand with material goods and services to become a critical discipline/profession in a large number of nontraditional roles. Areas of career interests include product and service development, research, planning, distribution channels, logistics and supply chain management, sales promotion, sales, pricing strategy, advertising, public relations and others.

Academic Program

All persons majoring in a program offered within the College of Business (COB) take a common core of courses that includes one or more courses in accounting, business law, communications, information systems, economics, finance, management, marketing and statistics. Also, to encourage students to broaden their academic preparation, COB requires all its majors to complete at least 50 percent of their credit hours outside of COB.

To be admitted to the Marketing (MKT) degree program, students must have attained a combined GPA which places them among the top 2,000 COB majors who are eligible. All Business majors must have a 2.50 or higher GPA at the time of graduation for all upper-division COB courses attempted at Missouri State.

The Department has two majors:

    1. Marketing (Comprehensive)
    2. Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Within the Marketing major, you can select from four optional paths of study in Advertising and Promotion, Marketing Management, Marketing Research, and Sales/Sales Management. Minors, which complement majors in other colleges or departments, are also available: Marketing, Advertising and Promotion, International Marketing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Selling.


Students majoring in Marketing will choose from the following regularly offered courses. Please consult the Missouri State Catalog online, www.missouristate.edu/catalog for specific course descriptions.


  • MKT 150: Marketing Fundamentals
  • MKT 300: Service Learning in Marketing
  • MKT 350: Principles of Marketing
  • MKT 351: Consumer Market Behavior
  • MKT 352: Personal Selling
  • MKT 354: Principles of Advertising
  • MKT 355: Principles of Retailing
  • MKT 360: Marketing Research
  • MKT 380: Creative Advertising
  • MKT 390: Promotion Management & Implementation
  • MKT 394: Cooperative Education in Marketing
  • MKT 410: Entertainment & Services Marketing
  • MKT 430: Introduction to Logistics
  • MKT 440: Logistics Models
  • MKT 450: Supply Chain Management
  • MKT 451: Advanced Selling
  • MKT 452: Sales Management
  • MKT 455: Advanced Retailing Practices
  • MKT 456: Advanced Advertising
  • MKT 460: Logistics & Supply Chain Strategy
  • MKT 464: International Logistics & Global Supply Chain Mgt
  • MKT 570: Advanced Marketing Research
  • MKT 472: Advanced Marketing
  • MKT 474: International Marketing
  • MKT 476: Futuristics:  Business & Society
  • MKT 480: Advertising Campaigns
  • MKT 485: Marketing Yourself
  • MKT 494: Executive Internship - Marketing
  • MKT 496: Readings in Business Administration-Marketing
  • MKT 497: Topics in Marketing
  • MKT 510: E-Marketing
  • MKT 596: Research Issues & Problems: Marketing
  • MKT 600: Marketing Concepts for Managers
  • MKT 610: E-Marketing
  • MKT 730: Logistics & Transportation
  • MKT 740: Supply Chain Models & Systems
  • MKT 750: Supply Chain Mangement Seminar
  • MKT 760: Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • MKT 764: International Logistics & Global Supply Chain Mgt.
  • MKT 770: Seminar in Marketing Research
  • MKT 772: Marketing Management
  • MKT 774: International Marketing
  • MKT 776: Futuristics: Business & Society
  • MKT 790: Seminar in Marketing
  • MKT 794: Internship:  Marketing
  • MKT 796: Independent Study: Marketing
  • MKT 799: Thesis

Quantitative Analysis

  • QBA 237: Basic Business Statistics
  • QBA 337: Applied Business Statistics
  • QBA 600: Statistical Methods in Business Research
  • QBA 737: Research Design & Analysis
  • QBA 775: Quantitative Methods in Business Decision Making


The 19 full-time marketing faculty at Missouri State represent one of the most dynamic departments within the university. Academic advisement for marketing majors is conducted through the College of Business Advisement Center. Students are encouraged to visit the center before each semester to consult with the professional advisors regarding their coursework path.


Students of marketing at Missouri State will find an opportunity to use state-of-the-art computer equipment that will assist them significantly in their coursework. Marketing at Missouri State tends to employ the latest in multi-media presentation, videotaped real-world examples of marketing strategies and computer network communications as a normal part of marketing education. An active placement service offers many marketing employment opportunities through company visits to the campus for interviews with students and other methods of providing employment opportunities.


There are also internship opportunities for students to utilize outside work-related experience as a vehicle for receiving college credit for marketing courses when coordinated with the head of the Department of Marketing and the Cooperative Education Office.

Student Organizations

Numerous national student organizations allow students to relate to peers, faculty and outside speakers in marketing. These organizations include Marketing Club, the Ad Club, Logistics Club and two business fraternities, among others.

Sample Schedule

Missouri State is committed to assisting students to graduate in four years--see sample graduation plans for this major.

The following is a sample schedule for this major--your actual schedule will vary.

Freshman Year

First Semester Courses Hours
ENG 110 Writing I3
GEP 101 First-Year Foundations2
PSY 121 Introductory Psychology3
COM 115 Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
General Education requirements2-3
Total Hours 16-17
Second Semester Courses Hours
CIS 101 Computers for Learning2
General Education requirements7-8
MGT 286 Business Communications3
Total Hours 15-16

Sophomore Year

First Semester Courses Hours
CIS 201 Computer Applications for Business2
ACC 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting3
ECO 155 Principles of Macroeconomics3
LAW 231 Legal Environment of Business3
QBA 237 Basic Business Statistics3
General Education requirements4-7
Total Hours 17-19
Second Semester Courses Hours
Writing II3
ACC 211 Introduction to Managerial Accounting3
ECO 165 Principles of Microeconomics3
Writing II8-11
Total Hours 15-18

Junior Year

First Semester Courses Hours
LAW 332 Debtor and Creditor Rights and Remedies1
MGT 340 Organizational Behavior and Management3
MKT 350 Principles of Marketing3
FIN 380 Financial Management3
QBA 337 Applied Business Statistics3
General education requirements1-3
Total Hours 15-18
Second Semester Courses Hours
MKT 351 Consumer Market Behavior3
MKT 354 Principles of Advertising3
MKT 360 Marketing Research3
MGT 364 Operations Management3
General education requirements3-6
Total Hours 15-18

Senior Year

First Semester Courses Hours
MKT 352 Personal Selling3
MKT 456 Advanced Advertising3
MKT 474 International Marketing3
CIS 429 Information Systems in Business3
Major electives3
Total Hours 15
Second Semester Courses Hours
MKT 380 Creative Advertising3
MKT 390 Promotion Management and Implementation3
MKT 472 Advanced Marketing3
MGT 487 Strategic Management and Policy3
General education requirements6-9
Total Hours 18-21