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Gender Studies Program

College of Humanities and Public Affairs 

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Gender Studies Program

Missouri State University
901 South National Avenue
Springfield, Missouri 65897
Office: 417-836-5529
Fax: 417-836-8472
Email: GenderStudies@missouristate.edu

Career Preparation

Increasingly, organizations are addressing issues of gender in order to serve better their clients and communities. A Gender Studies minor enhances students’ career opportunities in business, politics, health care and service fields. Students are introduced to how representations of masculine and feminine roles change over time, vary across cultures and affect every facet of society.

Academic Program

All students minoring in Gender Studies are required to take one of the following: GST 170, PSY 355, PSY 356, or SOC 290. At least three credit hours must be taken in each of the areas of study: Arts and Letters, Humanities and Public Affairs, and Health and Human Services. The student also must take six hours of additional coursework for a total of 18 hours. Students may apply up to six hours credit from variable content/special topics courses to the minor. 


Please consult the Missouri State Catalog online at www.missouristate.edu/catalog for specific course information.

Gender Studies Topics

  • GST 170: Sex, Gender and Self
  • GST 326: Feminist Theories of Social Order
  • GST 400: Gender in the Global Community
  • GST 497: Special Topics in Gender Studies

Areas of Study

The minor may be applied to the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Education/Elementary Education degrees. The minor in Gender Studies includes a total of at least 18 hours, with a minimum GPA of 2.50 in courses counted toward the minor.

Arts and Letters
  • ART 378: Women in Art
  • COM 307: Gender and Communication
  • ENG 282: Introduction to Women’s Literature
  • ENG 580: Gender Issues in Language and Literature
Humanities and Public Affairs
  • CRM 410: Crime, Justice and Gender
  • ECO 315: The Economics of Gender
  • GST 315: The Economics of Gender
  • SOC 326: Feminist Theories of Social Order
  • GST 326: Feminist Theories of Social Order
  • GST 400: Gender in the Global Economy
  • HST 321: Women in Western Civilization
  • HST 323: Women in Africa
  • HST 324: Women in American Hostiry
  • PHI 319: Feminist Philosophy
  • PLS 319: Women in Politics
  • PLS 517: Civil Rights and Liberties in the American Constitutional System
  • REL 370: Women and Religion
  • SOC 290: Sociology of Gender Roles

Health and Human Services
and Natural and Applied Sciences

  • CFS 300: Sweatshops in America
  • GER 320: Gender Issues in Later Life
  • NUR 327: Issues in Women’s Health
  • KIN 402: Women in Sport
  • KIN 405: Gender and Sport
  • PSY 307: Human Sexuality
  • PSY 355: Psychology of Women
  • PSY 356: Psychology of Men
  • SWK 320: Services for Women

student cannot take more than six hours in a particular discipline to complete the minor; exceptions must have the permission of the associate dean of CHPA. A student cannot take more than three one-hour classes toward the minor. With approval of the associate dean, a student can apply a variable-content/special topics course to the minor as a requirement or as an elective. Such variable-content courses might include:

Arts and Letters
  • COM 597: Studies in Communication Theory and Practice: Women’s Rhetoric
  • LLT 296: Major Authors in Translation:Gender in Ancient Literature
  • MED 300: Experiments in Media: Women in TV Sit-Coms
  • MUS 399: Special Topics in Music: Women in Music
Humanities and Public Affairs
  • ANT 397: Special Topics: Gender and Culture
  • HST 397: Special Topics in History: Women’s History
    Through Film
  • HST 597: Topics in History: Women in 20th Century America
  • PHI397: Seminar in Philosophy: Understanding Human Sexuality
  • GST 497: Special Topics in Gender Studies

Administration of the Program

Courses must be approved by the Gender Studies Committee for inclusion in the minor. The associate dean of CHPA must approve the course of study for each student who wishes to complete a Gender Studies Minor.