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Construction Management

Department of Technology and Construction Management  

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Dr. Shawn Strong

Missouri State University
901 South National Avenue
Springfield, Missouri 65897
Office: 417-836-5121
Fax: 417-836-8556
Email: tcm@missouristate.edu

Career Preparation

With annual expenditures in excess of $500 billion, construction is the largest single industry in the United States. The key professional in this vast enterprise is the "constructor," a term given to the educated professional having the capacity to manage a project through its entirety, while addressing the financial and technical needs of the owner and contractor. Constructors are the leaders and managers responsible for planning, scheduling, and building projects designed by architects and engineers. These highly specialized efforts are indispensable in meeting the country’s growing need for new structures and environmental control projects while managing the demands of rapid growth and continuous technical change.

Graduates are employed in commercial, residential, and heavy highway construction, as well as a number of support areas such as insurance and materials supply. Job titles include, but are not limited to, project manager, project engineer, estimator, field engineer, and expediter. When one considers that construction related activities encompass 20 percent of the gross national product (GNP), it is not hard to believe that opportunities for graduates are widespread and salaries are among the highest at Missouri State.

Academic Program

The construction management program at Missouri State is the largest in Missouri and one of only sixty programs accredited by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE). Accreditation standards and a large advisory council made up of owners, presidents, and project managers from a variety of construction companies assure your education will prepare you for a career.


The Construction Management program includes a mix of management, technical, and engineering oriented coursework. Courses such as estimating, materials and methods, soils and foundations, and surveying allow application of knowledge in a laboratory environment. A required internship ensures you have a working knowledge of construction and the confidence to enter the workforce. The required senior project culminates your educational experience in a major paper and presentation to industry, faculty, and fellow students.

Students majoring in Construction Management will take the following construction related coursework:

  • IDM 121: Construction Principles and Practice
  • IDM 122: Construction Materials and Methods II
  • IDM 221: Construction Drawings
  • IDM 267: Statics 
  • IDM 318: Structural Design Principles
  • IDM 320: Construction Contracts, Specifications, and Law
  • IDM 321: Mechanical Systems for Buildings
  • IDM 322: Electrical Systems for Buildings
  • IDM 323: Construction Layout and Dimensional Control
  • IDM 324: Construction Quantity Estimating
  • IDM 326: Construction Soils and Foundations
  • IDM 424: Construction Cost Estimating II
  • IDM 425: Construction Planning and Scheduling
  • IDM 426: Construction Project Administration
  • IDM 427: Construction Equipment Management


Kemper Hall holds the construction management program’s classrooms and laboratories. Computer laboratories contain the latest in computing capabilities including CAD, estimating, project management, and scheduling software. Over 6,000 sq ft of construction laboratory space allows students to apply construction techniques, test materials and even build residential and commercial buildings. A recently added outdoor crane allows students to build two-story commercial structures, a capability found at very few construction programs. Because Missouri State is in a metropolitan area and southwest Missouri is the fastest growing part of the state, the city of Springfield presents a unique opportunity for students to be exposed to all types of construction. A close relationship between the construction management program and the construction industry allows students to see a side of construction they would normally only read about in books.


The Construction Management is proud of its record of community service. In a given year students might build a Habitat for Humanity home, playhouses for Boys and Girls Clubs, an educational display for the Discovery Center of Springfield, or a handicap ramp for Therapeutic Riders of the Ozarks.

Construction Management students also participate in a number of professional and social activities. Students often attend Springfield Contractors Association or Homebuilders Association meetings. Associated Schools of Construction, National Association of Home Builders, and American Concrete Institute competitions allow students to compete on a national level. Football tailgating, job-site field trips, and the annual construction club golf tournament provide opportunities for students to network and socialize.