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Computer Information Systems

Department of Computer Information Systems 

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Missouri State University
901 South National Avenue
Springfield, Missouri 65897
Office: 417-836-4131
Fax: 417-836-6907
Email: ComputerInformationSystems@

Career Preparation

Many career opportunities exist for Computer Information Systems (CIS) majors and minors. Computer related occupations include programmer, programmer/analyst, systems analyst, business analyst and Web designer.

The CIS curriculum is designed to provide a basic understanding of information systems within a business environment. CIS majors are Missouri State University students, College of Business (COB) students and finally CIS students.

As a Missouri State student, CIS majors have a number of general education courses in other areas such as mathematics, science, English, history, and economics. CIS majors work in a world of changing circumstances, cultures, and values. Within the COB, CIS majors take courses in accounting, management, marketing, finance, statistics, and business law. To provide a computer solution is first to understand the core business. A CIS major must understand that his/her information technology skillset is based on programming languages, analysis and design, databases, IT management and "seeing the big IT picture".

We have seen Y2K, DOT-COMS failures, and now outsourcing as major hurdles to be negotiated in a CIS career. Like the seasons, we now look for technology rollout dates and then check our curriculum and advisement notes. However, programmer/analyst is still our bread and butter. The COB Career Day still draws companies to the Missouri State campus. These firms want 4-year CIS business majors from an AACSB International accredited business school. The game is still IT, business and grade point averages.

Academic Program

CIS majors at Missouri State belong to a department with strong ties to industry. Microsoft’s MSNDA Alliance program and Oracle Alliance are still important features that make Missouri State’s CIS curriculum and learning experience current and vital. The department is looking for students who are interested in learning in a dynamic environment with or without prior programming experience. CIS majors should have good logical skills to solve business problems, not calculus problems. CIS majors should know that team players are valued in industry; individual initiative and creativity are valued as career boosters.

The IT Services Management (ITSM) major is now available. This is an IBM supported major to reflect the need of information technology in the services sector of the economy.

University scholarships are available and are awarded upon faculty recommendations and applications.


The CIS major is comprehensive, that is, no minor is required.

  • CIS 201 Excel
  • CIS 205 Intro to Web Development
  • CIS 230 Technology I
  • CIS 260 Java I
  • CIS 281 Intro IT Service Mgmt
  • CIS 270 Java II
  • CIS 321 Analysis & Design
  • CIS 326 Database Concepts
  • CIS 330 Technology II
  • CIS 350 Android Development
  • CIS 370 Web Development I
  • CIS 375 Web Development II
  • CIS 381 Incident Analysis and Problem Mgt
  • CIS 394 Co-op / Internship
  • CIS 420 Project Mgt
  • CIS 431 Advanced Analysis & Design
  • CIS 461 Management Information Systems
  • CIS 525 Security
  • CIS 528 Oracle
  • CIS 591 Senior Project


The Computer Information Systems faculty is comprised of graduates from various universities across the nation. Some of their interests are security, neural networks, project management, MIS issues, database, and applications as well as authoring books and consulting. The Faculty is available during required office hours. Students should feel free to consult with any member of the faculty or the department head in regard to academic policy, career advice or course work.


The Missouri State campus is a PC and Apple campus with corporate agreements with Microsoft Corporation. The University is a MSDN Alliance member which allows students enrolled in CIS courses to purchase software at reduced prices. The Oracle Alliance membership has made it possible to integrate Oracle into the curriculum. Open labs are in several locations across campus. Within Glass Hall, home of the College Of Business, the student will find open computer labs to support the CIS curriculum. WI-FI hotspots can be found in various places on campus.


The student chapter of the Association for Information Technology Professionals (AITP) is an important factor in the life of CIS majors at Missouri State. Chapter meetings often include guest speakers from industry and serve as a source for information for campus visits from companies offering internships and full-time positions. Their attendance at the national spring meeting make the chapter vital, current and well connected. The branch office of Career Services (417-836-5636) is resident in Glass Hall 103. Interview scheduling within Glass Hall is evidence that the majority of interviews conducted on campus are for COB majors. The COB Business Advisement office in Glass Hall 106 (417-836-5386) handles registration and advisement for current and transfer students. Sandy Culver, Director of Advisement, strongly advises semester appointments for finding the most efficient and satisfying path to graduation.

Graduate students interested in the MBA are directed to the MBA Director, Dr. Elizabeth Rozell, in the Dean’s Office at 417-836-5646. The web site is http://mba.missouristate.edu/. Others interested in the Masters in CIS degree may contact the director, Dr. Shannon McMurtrey at 417-836-4177.