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College of Humanities and Public Affairs

College of Humanities and Public Affairs 

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Missouri State University
901 South National Avenue
Springfield, Missouri 65897
Office: 417-836-5529
Fax: 417-836-8472
Email: CHPA@missouristate.edu

College Introduction

Offering courses of study in numerous disciplines – anthropology, criminology, defense and strategic studies, economics, history, international relations,  public law, military science, philosophy, political science, religious studies, and sociology – the College of Humanities and Public Affairs emphasizes the liberal arts, as well as theoretical and applied areas in the social sciences. Special areas of study include African American studies, Asian studies, Gender studies,  Latin American studies, Middle Eastern studies, and Native American studies.

Departments and Majors

Criminology and Criminal Justice
Majors: criminology
Minors: criminology 
Master of Science in Criminology

Defense and Strategic Studies
Master of Science: defense and strategic studies (now located in Fairfax, Virginia)

Major or Minor: economics

Majors: history, teaching of history
Minor: history
Master of Arts: history
Master of Science in Education: history & social sciences emphasis

Military Science
Minor: military science

Major or Minor: philosophy

Political Science
Majors: political science
Minors: political science, public law, and international relations
Master of Public Administration
Master of International Affairs and Administration
Master of Science in Education: political science emphasis

Religious Studies
Major or Minor: religious studies
Master of Arts: religious studies

Sociology and Anthropology
Majors: sociology, anthropology
Minors: anthropology, applied social research, sociology
Master of Applied Anthropology

African American Studies Program
Minor: African American studies

Asian Studies Program
Minor: Asian studies 

Gender Studies Program
Minor: Gender studies

Latin American Studies Program
Minor: Latin American Studies

Middle Eastern Studies Program
Minor: Middle Eastern Studies

Native American Studies Program
Minor: Native American Studies

About the College

Although we serve large numbers of students in general education courses, the College of Humanities and Public Affairs currently has 1350 majors and a student-faculty ratio of 25.3 to 1; and our graduates at both the undergraduate and graduate levels are prepared for careers in education, government, business, industry, and social agencies. Many go on to graduate from professional schools to become lawyers, physicians, ministers and college professors. Our graduates have enrolled in such prestigious institutions as Harvard Law School, the University of Chicago, Boston University, Emory University, the University of Iowa and Duke University. Our majors have distinguished themselves with awards, honors, scholarships and fellowships nationwide.

The professional accomplishments of faculty and department heads have brought distinction and recognition to the college and the university in the classroom, in research and in service activities off and on campus. In recent years, faculty in the college have received numerous University Awards for teaching, research and service, as well as a Missouri State Foundation Award for Service, and an outstanding Faculty Advisor Award from the National Academic Advising Association. College faculty members have been granted the status of Distinguished Professor and Provost Fellow. Several college faculty have received Fulbright Awards as well as outside grants for research, totaling more than $1.2 million.

The faculty also boasts more than 150 full-length books and monographs, as well as an average of 70 presentations a year at regional, national and international professional meetings. Such scholarly activity is translated to over 15,000 students enrolled in humanities and public affairs courses each semester. Several professors have participated in the Missouri London Program, as well as in the University Honors Program, and, each year, at least three professors have been awarded sabbatical leaves to study abroad or in research libraries.

Both students and faculty are becoming increasingly aware of societal needs, new fields of study and emerging career opportunities. At two of the research centers, the Center for Archaeological Research and the Center for Public Policy and Social Science Research, students participate in research and field projects of local and state importance. Departments in the College of Humanities and Public Affairs are responding to those needs and opportunities by developing new courses, new programs and new skills and methodologies.