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Asian Studies

College of Humanities and Public Affairs 

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Asian Studies Program

Missouri State University
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Career Preparation

With the increased emphasis being placed on International Studies, world markets and diversity awareness, the College of Humanities and Public Affairs (CHPA) has created a minor in Asian Studies. Students who earn this minor will be better prepared for careers in international business, public service, human resources and graduate studies in political science, public administration, religious studies and history.

Academic Program

All students minoring in Asian Studies are required to complete six hours of an Asian language. Twelve additional hours must be selected from four emphasis areas with no more than six hours taken from any one area. Students may apply up to three hours credit from variable content/special courses to the minor.


Please consult the Missouri State Catalog online at www.missouristate.edu/catalog for specific course information.

Areas of Study

The minor may be applied to the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Education/ Elementary Education degrees. The minor in Asian Studies includes six hours in an Asian language, plus 12 hours of additional course work or a total of at least 18 hours, with a minimum GPA of 2.50 in courses counted toward the minor.

Languages: Chinese, Japanese

Historical Studies

  • HST 380: East Asian Civilization I
  • HST 381: East Asian Civilization II
  • HST 571: China in the Twentieth Century

Religious Studies

  • REL 210: Paths of World Religions
  • REL 355: Buddhism
  • REL 360: Hinduism

Literature and Culture

  • ART 274: Survey of Asian Art
  • ART 374: Art of India
  • ENG 362: Non-European World Literature*
  • LLT 215: Asian Cultural Studies
  • MUS 239: Introduction to World Music
  • PHI 314: Asian Philosophy
  • MUS 239: Introduction to World Music

Geography and Politics

  • ECO 345: Asian Economics
  • GRY 305: Selected World Regions*
  • PLS 545: Asian Politics

* when applicable

Administration of the Program

To be listed as a course in the Asian Studies Minor, the course must have a primary focus on Asia or on a topic directly related to Asia. Other courses about Asia that are not listed in the Minor may be used toward fulfilling the degree requirements upon approval by the Associate Dean of CHPA.

Faculty who wish to propose a course for inclusion in the Asian Studies curriculum should submit a course description and a course syllabus to the Associate Dean of CHPA. These materials will be circulated among Asian Studies faculty members for their approval.