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Agricultural Education

Department of Agriculture  

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Career Preparation

A degree in Agricultural Education gives students a broad education in agriculture while preparing them to teach agriculture in public high schools. Students in this field take a variety of courses in animal science, agronomy, agricultural economics, agricultural mechanics, horticulture, natural resources and agribusiness with electives in their areas of interest. Because of the broad educational background, agricultural education graduates also are qualified to acquire positions, such as industry trainer, personnel manager and public relations specialist, outside the area of teaching. It is reassuring, however, to know that because of the high demand for agriculture teachers in Missouri, starting salaries range from $30,000-$46,000. Students with a background in agricultural education and the FFA organization have found agricultural education to be an exciting and rewarding way to continue their involvement with agriculture..

Academic Program

Students completing the Agricultural Education program receive a Bachelor of Science in Education degree with a major in Agriculture. Requirements for graduation include 44 to 49 hours of general education, 45 hours of courses in Agriculture and courses in Agricultural Education and secondary education to complete their requirements. Students pursuing this degree must have a 2.50 GPA to graduate and successfully pass the Praxis II exam as do all students who receive Bachelor of Science in Education degrees.

Agricultural Education majors also are required to complete 16 weeks of student teaching to be selected in consultation with the faculty member in charge. High school courses in agriculture and science will help prepare students for this course of study.


The following is a representative list of the 80 courses offered by the Department of Agriculture. Please consult the Missouri State Catalog online at www.missouristate.edu/catalog for course descriptions and specific degree requirements.

  • Animal Science
  • Soils and Crop Science
  • Suburban Horticulture
  • Agricultural Economics I
  • Introduction to Agricultural Education
  • Agricultural Mechanics Practices
  • Course and Program Building in Agricultural Education
  • Methods of Teaching Agricultural Management
  • Methods of Teaching Agricultural Mechanics


The Agricultural Education program is offered through the Department of Agriculture. The department has 15 full-time faculty members, who hold doctoral degrees in their areas of specialization. A number of supply faculty and adjunct professors with unique experiences also are of great benefit to students.

Faculty members in the department pride themselves on student advisement. Each student receives the individual attention needed
to help assure success at the university.


Agricultural Education majors are encouraged to belong to an active Collegiate FFA Chapter while at Missouri State. The FFA chapter was chartered in 1981 and keeps students informed and active in this dynamic youth organization. Missouri State also offers four collegiate judging teams that provide students with intercollegiate judging experience on national levels in livestock, horses, meats and soils.

The judging teams have a strong tradition at Missouri State, and students are encouraged to participate in these rewarding and extremely valuable educational experiences. Governors and Presidential Scholarships, as well as more than 20 departmental scholarships, are available to qualified students. Agricultural Education faculty provide placement information and help every Agricultural Education major secure jobs in teaching or other areas.

Sample Schedule

Missouri State is committed to assisting students to graduate in four years--see sample graduation plans for this major.

The following is a sample schedule for this major--your actual schedule will vary.

Freshman Year

First Semester Courses Hours
ENG 110 OR COM 1153
CSC/CIS 1012
KIN 210 Healthy Lifestyles: Preventive Approaches3
AGS 101 Animal Science4
GEP 101 First-Year Foundations2
Total Hours 15
Second Semester Courses Hours
Agriculture Elective3
Culture and Society Humanities3
AGN 115 Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment3
HST 121 OR HST 1223
AGR 100 Food Security3
ENG 110 OR COM 1153
Total Hours 17

Sophomore Year

First Semester Courses Hours
AGB 144 Agricultural Economics I4
AGP 303 Suburban Horticulture3
CHM 107 Chemistry for the Citizen3
PLS 101 American Democracy and Citizenship3
Total Hours 17
Second Semester Courses Hours
AGN 215 Soils3
Self-Understanding--Creativity & Vision3
Agriculture Elective3
BIO 102 Principles of Biological Science4
PSY 121 Introductory Psychology3
Agriculture Elective2
Total Hours 18

Junior Year

First Semester Courses Hours
AGE 337 Agricultural Mechanics Practices3
AGE 318 Introduction to Agricultural Education2
AGN 143 Introductory Forestry3
Public Affairs Issues3
General Methods in Education4
Agriculture Elective3
Total Hours 18
Second Semester Courses Hours
AGE 568 Course and Program Building in Agricultural Education3
AGB 334 Marketing Agricultural Products3
PSY 360 Educational Psychology3
AGR 320 Writing in the Applied Sciences3
Agriculture Elective3
Agriculture Elective3
Total Hours 18

Senior Year

First Semester Courses Hours
AGE 558 Teaching of Agriculture3
AGE 578 Methods of Teaching Agricultural Management2
AGE 588 Methods of Teaching Agricultural Laboratory Management2
AGE 588 Methods of Teaching Agricultural Laboratory Management2
EDC 350 School and Society3
RDG 474 Reading and Writing in the Content Fields2
SPE 340 Educational Alternative for Exceptional Students2
Ag Elective2
Total Hours 18
Second Semester Courses Hours
AGE 493 Supervised Teaching (Secondary Agriculture)5-6
AGE 494 Supervised Teaching (Secondary Agriculture)5-6
Total Hours 12