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African American Studies

College of Humanities and Public Affairs 

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African American Studies Program

Missouri State University
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Springfield, Missouri 65897
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Career Preparation

Courses in African American Studies provide an opportunity for students to explore the African American experience in the United States as well as learn about the African heritage which many Americans share. The course of study is liberal arts oriented rather than vocational oriented, but knowledge about the diversity of American culture is helpful for nearly all occupations and careers. The minor in African American studies includes courses and faculty from various departments and colleges of the university. 

Academic Program

All students minoring in African American Studies are required to take AAS 100: Introduction to African American Studies. In addition, students must take at least three credit hours in each of four areas of study: Historical Foundations, Pan-African Background and Perspectives, Arts and Humanities and Politics and Society. The student must also complete an additional elective for a total of 18 hours. With the approval of the associate dean of the College of Humanities and Public Affairs (CHPA), students may petition to apply a variable content/special topics course to the minor. Examples of variable content/special topics courses include ANT 330: Peoples and Cultures (of Africa and the Caribbean) and AAS 497: Directed Reading. AAS 100: Introduction to African American Studies may be used to satisfy the Humanities Perspective of the Culture and Society area of inquiry in general education.


Students in the African American Studies program should consult the Missouri State Catalog online at www.missouristate.edu/catalog for specific course information.

  • African American Studies Topic
  • AAS 100: Introduction to African American Studies
  • AAS 397: Topics in African American Studies
  • AAS 497: Directed Reading

Areas of Study

Historical Foundations

  • HST 331: African American History I
  • HST 332: African American History II

Pan-African Background and Perspectives

  • ENG 363: Introduction to African Literature
  • GRY 507: Geography of Subsaharan Africa
  • HST 323: Women in Africa
  • HST 335: African Civilization
  • PLS 550: Modern African Politics

Arts and Humanities

  • REL 365: Life and Thought of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • ENG 355: African American Literature
  • ENG 455: African American Drama
  • ART 273: Survey of the Art of Africa, Oceania and the Americas

Politics and Society

  • CRM 415: Crime, Class, Race and Justice
  • HST 531: African American Leaders/Movements
  • SOC 336: Race and Ethnic Group Relations
  • SWK 219: Human Diversity
  • REL 345: African American Religious Experience

Administration of the Program

Faculty members of the African American Studies Committee approve courses for the minor. The associate dean of CHPA must approve the course of study for each student who wishes to complete an African American Studies minor.