Vol. 8 Editorial Staff

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Vol. 7 Editorial Staff

Managing Editor: Hanna Landgrebe
 Professional Writing/COAL
Chief Editor: Lydia Welker
Professional Writing/COAL
Copy Editor: Ana Berkovich
Professiona Writing/COAL
Associate Editors:
Tucker Robinson, Communication
Ana Berkovich, Professional Writing
Mary Haller, Chemistry 
Debra Horn, Accounting
Jesse Speer, Actuarial Mathematics/Economics
Claire Bise, Cell & Molecular Biology
Lauren Davison, Professional Writing
Peer Reviewers:
Kyle Chown, Psychology
Elizabeth Armbrecht, English
Shaylynn Rackers, Art & Design
Preston Pedersen, Computer Information Systems
Erin Kroeger, Nursing
Haesoo Moon, Chemistry
Bethany Kelly, Art and Design
Rachelle Hayes, English
Shannon Dulz, Physics, Astronomy, & Material Science
Kathleen Sanders, English
Daniel Senn, Accounting
Dan Jones, Physics, Astronomy, & Material Science
Faculty Reviewers:
Dr. Leslie Baynes
Dr. Daniel Beckman
Dr. Joseph Borovicka
Dr. Amanda Brodeur
Dr. Marcus Cafagna
Sherry Cook
Dr. Richard Garrad
Dr. Janice Greene
Dr. Fred Groves
Dr. Edward Gutting
Dr. Christopher Herr
Dr. Jane Hoogestraat
Mara Cohen Ioannides
Dr. Judith John
Dr. Andrew Johnson
Dr. Catherine Jolivette
Dr. Lanya Lamouria
Dr. Maggie Marlin-Hess
Dr. Victor Matthews
Dr. Gabriel Ondetti
Dr. Indira Palacios-Valladares
Dr. Angela Plank
Dr. Kevin Pybas
Dr. Pamela Sailors
Dr. Joshua Smith
Dr. Elizabeth Sobel
Andrea Taylor
Dr. Margaret Weaver
Dr. William Wedenoja
Dr. Carly Yadon

Faculty Advisory Board

Dr. John Chuchiak:  Director of the Honors College
Professor/ Department of History/ College of Humanities and Public Affairs

Tracy Dalton: Senior Instructor/Department of English/College of Arts and Letters

Dr. Joshua Smith: Associate Professor/Biomedical Science