Submission Guidelines and Instructions

The deadline to submit work for volume 9 is March 1, 2016. 


Submit your article for review in an electronic format (email attachment or on disk) to the journal editor. Most submissions are sent via email to The submission guidelines listed below must be followed.

Types of material published in LOGOS will include:

  • Research that is empirical in nature
  • Research that demonstrates new methods of serving/applying existing knowledge
  • Works that are replications of previous works will be published when executed in a thorough, scholarly manner (i.e. a historical recreation of a famous experiment with commentary on scientific methods used at the time).
  • Works as follows, but must show exceptional quality: review articles, essays, abridged versions of term papers, or other contributions based solely on primarily or secondary sources (consult editor prior to submitting)
  • Short critical notes that demonstrate viewpoints or insights related to previously published work
  • Artistic production relatable to a recognized academic field including, but not exclusive to, creative writing, painting, ceramics, photography, etc.

Missouri State University’s stance on creative works as academic research can be accessed at the following link:

Before you send it off, make sure your submission follows the following guidelines:

General Considerations

  • Publication in LOGOS is reserved for Missouri State University undergraduate students and faculty. Submissions with student and faculty as joint authors will be accepted, but since LOGOS features student research, the student must be the primary author. A student need not be currently enrolled so long as his or her submission was completed as a Missouri State University undergraduate.
  • Submissions must be original work. This means that academic work must possess an arguable thesis and/or unique research. Creative submissions must also have an original idea or concept.
  • Submission of a work to LOGOS indicates the work has not been previously published in its current form.
  • Facts included in the submission must be accurate, and the writing style must be clear and organized.
  • Papers must be grammatically correct without typographical errors.
  • References and citations should be formatted using an approved style in the discipline (see the faculty facilitators in the discipline for more information on formatting).


  • If the research involves human subjects, the author(s) must have appropriate prior IRB approval and this should be described in the text.

Electronic Formatting:

  • When emailing the electronic version of your paper to the editor for submission, the Reason/Subject line of the email must read "LOGOS Submission." 
Necessary Information in body of email (not the submission itself):

For editorial purposes, the email should include the following information in the following order:

    1. Title of submission
    2. Citation style used
    3. Name(s) and department(s) of author(s) 
    4. Address, telephone number, and email at which the author(s) may be reached
    5. 2-3 sentence blurb about the author's interests and/or academic/career goals (In the event of publication, this blurb will be put at the end of the submission along with a picture of the author)
  • Submissions should normally be no longer than 10,000 words.
  • Text submissions must be in Microsoft Word format.
  • The file name should be the title of the work as it is to appear in publication.
  • Images (drawing, paintings, photography, graphs, charts, formulas, etc.) must be submitted in a separate electronic file, either TIFF or PNG format for all color images. Black and white images are acceptable in JPEG form, but only at a resolution of 350 DPI or higher. Text that is meant to have figures or illustrations embedded within it should contain a legend from which editors may refer to the appropriate images in their reading.

Include the following with your submission:


All submissions must include a brief abstract (or summary) . This abstract must be included within the same electronic file that contains the submission. There are many abstract writing help websites out there on the Internet. Here's the one we recommend: Abstract Help

  • Academic abstracts should summarize the purpose, methods, results, and conclusions of the research. Abstracts will be published as a preface to the submission.
  • Creative abstracts should provide information on the author, context, influences, and artistic intent. If you can, help the reviewers to understand exactly what makes the piece original. You may also include information about materials and techniques.

Additional files/material

  • Professional looking photograph of the author (In the event of publication, this photograph will be placed next to the author blurb at the end of the submission)
  • Author's Agreement MUST be printed, filled out, and returned to the Honors College (at the address below) for the submission to be eligable for publication

Where to Send Things:

  • Send e-mail submissions and queries to
  • Send CD-ROMs and/or Authors Agreements to:
    Honors College
    c/o Dr. John F. Chuchiak, IV, Director
    Missouri State University
    901 South National Ave.
    Springfield MO, 65897

Final Publication:

Author(s) will be notified of the submission's status as soon after review as possible. The submission may be accepted with no revisions or minor revisions, recommended for revision and resubmission, or rejected.


The Author's Agreement can be downloaded HERE