Kinesiology Department

Undergraduate Programs

Kinesiology Department

  • Over 575 majors
  • Twenty-one full-time faculty with seventeen holding doctorate degrees, and seventeen part-time faculty members, and seven graduate teaching assistants
  • All academic programs are in full compliance with national accreditation standards
  • A variety of excellent career opportunities for graduates in a variety of health and human services careers

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Minor Areas of Study

Undergraduate Courses Offered by the Department

Program Coordinators

Physical Education (B.S.E.)

Dr. Rebecca Woodard, Undergraduate Coordinator.

  • Largest enrollment in department with 168 majors
  • Full compliance with NCATE curriculum standards
  • Solid employment opportunities in teaching and coaching in public and private schools
  • Good employment options in health and fitness agencies
  • Physical Education is the oldest and effective "preventive" medicine curriculum on record
  • 100% passing rate on the National Teacher Exam by graduates
  • Generally recognized as one of the better academic curriculums in the State of Missouri
  • Minor Areas of study in: Coaching, Health Education and Driver Education

Exercise and Movement Science (B.S.)

Dr. Rhonda Ridinger, Undergraduate Coordinator

  • Fourth year enrollment 302 majors
  • Program less than five years old

Recreation, Sport, and Park Administration (B.S.)

Dr. Keith Ernce, Program Coordinator.

  • Enrollment in department of 180 majors
  • One of 96 nationally accredited curriculums by the National Accreditation Council (NCB)
  • Excellent employment opportunities in the parks, recreation and leisure services field
  • Many health and human service-related career opportunities in commercial, community, outdoor, therapeutic and wellness agencies
  • Credible pass rate on the National Council For Therapeutic Recreation (NCTRC) certification examination by graduates
  • Student Scholarships from the Missouri Park and Recreation Charitable Scholarship Trust
  • Diverse and variety of practicum and internship placements in health and human services agencies and organizations
  • Personalized minor area of study available in Recreation, Sport, and Park Administration

Radiography (B.S.)

Gayle Runke, Curriculum Advisor.

  • Enrollment of 130 students
  • Strength of cooperative affiliations with School of Radiologic Technology at Cox Health Systems and St. John’s Regional Health Center
  • Significant growth of majors since 1989
  • Strong career opportunities in radiography
  • Radiologists provide patient services by using imaging modalities as directed by physicians
  • Radiologists demonstrate anatomical structures on a radiograph by applying knowledge of anatomy, positioning, and radiologic technique
  • Curriculum includes five semesters of university coursework and a 2 year sequence of professional courses in a hospital or medical setting at an accredited school of Radiologic Technology.

Respiratory Therapy (B.S.)

Gayle Runke, Curriculum Advisor.

  • Enrollment of 20 students
  • Strong career opportunities for graduates
  • Curriculum allows for registry level students to enhance their careers in the health-care profession and qualify for advance study
  • Respiratory therapists perform procedures with patients that have respiratory problems, lung and heart ailments
  • Respiratory therapists administer gas, aerosol, breathing treatments, and assist with artificial ventilation