KIN 100 Fitness for Living

Department of Kinesiology


Class Status

A.         Briefly describe how the class contributes to the goals of General Education.

The fundamental concept of KIN 100 Fitness for Living, as taken from our course philosophy statement is “the presentation of health and physical fitness subject matter, from an academic approach, in both lecture and laboratory classes.”  The lecture classes are structured to deal with the scientific and practical aspects of neuromuscular activity in appropriate depth and scope for university-age students.  The principal approach in the laboratory classes is experiential in nature.  The students are involved in activities and discussions which emphasize both physiological and intellectual processes.  The lab activities are designed to put into practical application the theories, concepts, and information presented in the lectures.  Students are constantly being called upon to make choices in light of their consequences, and understand those choices in relationship to themselves as individuals as well as their impact upon society.  As a result, the students are exposed to a variety of experiences emphasizing both immediate and carryover values related to health and wellness.  Consequently, the main thrust of the course is to assist the individual to make intelligent value decisions concerning health, physical fitness, and recreational pursuits. 

It is not our claim that KIN100 meets every general education goal.  Rather we think it is our purpose to be excellent in those areas that are discipline appropriate for this course.  The Kinesiology department takes great pride that this KIN 100 course was used as a model for others to follow when our university last implemented the major changes within the General Education curriculum.  Furthermore, the Kinesiology department strongly believes this course is very much at the core of the public affairs mission of our university.  Additionally, this course should serve as the cornerstone to the student wellness/recreation initiatives that are currently being developed on campus. 

It is believed that the KIN 100 Fitness for Living course best contributes to General Education goals in the following areas.

Information-gathering, reasoning, and synthesizing abilities 

1.         Skill in formulating questions and in setting goals for inquiry

                        Lab 7.1, Body composition and Pre-Post fitness assessments

2.         Knowing how and when to make generalizations and value judgments

                        Lab 7.4, Daily Caloric Needs

3.         Skill in generating and evaluating observations and evidence

                        Blood Pressure Check and Pre-Post fitness assessments

 4.         Skill in making deductive inferences

                        Lab 20, Life Event Stress Test

5.         Ability to use quantitative methods

                        Lab 2.3, Threshold Heart Rate Determination

6.         Striving to become well informed and open-minded

                        Lab 4.1, Cardiovascular Health Risk Assessment, Lectures: 
                        Risky Behaviors and Rx                   

                                Exercise for a Non-obese and Healthy Active Lifestyle

7.         Striving to achieve one’s best with persistence and imagination

                        Lab 15.2, Fitness for Living Semester Profile

8.         Willingness to make choices and to evaluate those choices

                        Lab 1.2, Life Style Evaluation and Lectures: 
                        Risky Behaviors and Body composition and
                        Determining a Healthy Body Weight

Communication Skills 

1.         Making use of computers and other technological tools

                        Blood Pressure Check, Lab 7.1 Body Composition

                        Implementation of Internet-based reading assignments
                        connected to most lectures with accompanying Blackboard quizzes. 

                        Use of Turning Technology NXT Cards - a.k.a. "clickers" in all lectures.

Understanding the Natural World 

1.         Understanding the multiple influences on scientific inquiry and the consequences of
            science and technology

                        Lab 1.2, Life Style Evaluation

2.         Understanding of Culture and Society

                        Lectures:  Introduction to KIN 100 and Rx Exercise for Non-obese and
                        Health Active Lifestyle

3.         Awareness of and appreciation for the ways in which culture and society influence
           and are influenced by work and leisure

                        Chapter 14 and infusion into almost every lecture topic

4.         Understanding the ways human choices affect communities, from local to global, and
            responsibilities of individuals to assume the duties of citizenship.

                        Lectures:  Introduction to KIN 100 and Risky Behaviors


1.         Knowledge of individual physical, emotional, intellectual, social and creative
            development as well as ability to use such knowledge to improve personal well-being.

            Lectures:  Stress Management, Cardiovascular Fitness presentations,
            Strength Development, and Flexibility, Life Event Stress Test, Lab 9.1
            Measuring Your Stress and Coping Skills