Missouri State University

Pre-Professional Academic Program Guide

Those wanting to enter a clinical graduate program must take BMS 307 and BMS 308 for the anatomy and physiology.  Most clinical programs require sociology (SOC 150), medical terminology (LLT 102), lifespan development (CFD 155) or developmental psychology, and ethics (PHI 115).  Math 181 Trigonometry orMTH 138 (combination of college algebra and trig) is needed for PHY 123.

First semester (fall)

First semester courses Credit hours
BMS 110 Introduction to the Biomedical Sciences or4
CIS/CSC 101 or Pass Waiver Exam2
PSY 121 Introductory Psychology3
KIN 100 Fitness for Living2
GEP 101 First-Year Foundations2
ENG 110 Writing I3
Total hours16 hrs

Second semester (spring)

Second semester courses Credit hours
KIN 212 Introduction to Exercise Science1
PHI 115 Ethics and Contemporary Issues3
MTH 135 or MTH 1383-5
COM 115 Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
CHM 105 or CHM 1604-5
CHM 161 General Chemistry I Laboratory1
Total hours14 - 15 hrs

Third semester (fall)

Third semester courses Credit hours
BMS 307 or KIN 2503-4
BMS 240 Introduction to Nutrition3
SOC 150 Introduction to Society3
CFD 155 Principles of Human Development3
THE 101 Introduction to Theatre and Drama Arts3
Total hours15 - 16 hrs

Fourth semester (spring)

Fourth semester courses Credit hours
PLS 101 American Democracy and Citizenship3
ENG 310 or ENG 3213
BMS 308 or KIN 2523-4
LLT 102 Scientific and Medical Terminology2
ATC 222 or KIN 2532
Total hours15 - 16 hrs

Fifth semester (fall)

Fifth semester courses Credit hours
KIN 362 Exercise Physiology4
KIN 361 Principles of Motor Learning in Physical Education2
MTH 181 or MTH 261 or MTH 138 or MTH 2873-5
CHM 170 General Chemistry II3
CHM 171 General Chemistry II Laboratory1
Total hours13 - 15 hrs

Sixth semester (spring)

Sixth semester courses Credit hours
PHY 123 Introduction to Physics I4
BIO 210 or BIO 3103-5
KIN 350 Health and Wellness Promotion3
HST 121 or HST 1223
PSY 304 Abnormal Psychology3
Total hours16 hrs

Seventh semester (fall)

Seventh semester courses Credit hours
KIN 360 Kinesiology4
PHY 124 or BMS 230 or PSY 2003-4
BMS 231 Human Genetics with Laboratory4
Gen Ed - GEP 193
Total hours16 - 17 hrs

Eighth semester (spring)

Eighth semester courses Credit hours
KIN 468 Adapted Physical Education4
KIN 491 or KIN 5001-12
KIN 569 Health Appraisal and Exercise Testing Techniques4
KIN 465 Exercise Prescription: Strength and Conditioning2
CHM 200 or CHM 3425
Total hours18 hrs