Pre-Physician Assistant Information

The B.S. Exercise and Movement Science program in the Department of Kinesiology prepares you for admission to a graduate program in Physician Assistant (PA).  The program is a 125 hr. comprehensive degree with a core of exercise science/human performance classes and a Pre-Professional option area comprised of courses that are required for admission to PA graduate programs.


Courses specific to preparation for Physician Assistant programs -in general –are:


Chemistry I CHM 160/161

Chemistry II CHM 170/171

Biology I   BIO 121

Microbiology BIO 310   

Genetics BMS 231 Genetics with lab or BIO 235 Genetics

Physics I PHY 123

Human Anatomy   BMS 307

Human Physiology BMS 308

Organic Chemistry I CHM 342/344 (with lab) 

Biochemistry CHM 352/353 (with lab)

Abnormal Psychology PSY 304 Abnormal Psychology

Lifespan Development CFD 155  


*Note: Universities often suggest additional classes as “suggested electives” such as immunology. THEREFORE - You should review admission requirements for each school that you are considering, and plan to schedule any additional class that you may need.

Please consult these websites for helpful information on the field of Physician Assistant!

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Work Experience:  Many schools require (or recommend) that you have paid experience as a health care provider prior to admission. The requirement ranges from 800-2000 hours of experience. Some students choose to acquire EMS (paramedic) or Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) certification (usually programs offered by community colleges) and paid employment in those positions; some work as techs in hospitals (e.g. emergency room techs); in nursing homes; for home health organizations; etc.