Missouri State University

Directions for Completing the Internet Quiz Assignments

KIN 100 LabView the How to Access and Complete Internet Quizzes Through the KIN 100 University Website* document for quiz instructions.

Directions are also provided for reviewing grades for previously taken quizzes.

*You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print this document.

Important Note on Internet Quizzes

Your lab instructor has the final word on any related issues regarding your quizzes, particularly problems related to sign-ins, purported lockdowns etc.

DO NOT contact Dr. Downing and ask him to re-open a quiz or solve a problem that deals with failure to access a quiz. HE WILL NOT RESPOND TO E-MAILS REGARDING ON-LINE QUIZZES.

Be sure to read the directions on this page before you attempt to complete a quiz. If you continue to have problems, see your lab instructor.

If all else fails visit Dr. Downing in his office, MCDA 209, since he WILL NOT solve any Internet quiz problem by phone or e-mail. His office hours are HERE. He will not turn away walk-ins during off-office hours unless he has other business in progress or another appointment.