5427 Public Safety Parking Control Attendant


TITLE Public Safety Parking Control Attendant




IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Public Safety Officer Shift Supervisor

MAJOR ADMINISTRATOR Assistant Director, Safety and Transportation


The Public Safety Parking Control Attendant performs a variety of routine clerical and customer service duties which require knowledge of departmental operations, policies and procedures, and the ability to follow standardized office practices. The Public Safety Parking Control Attendant monitors and controls traffic flow on Carrington Avenue, the circle drive of Carrington Avenue, and other areas as directed.


Education: A high school diploma or the equivalent is required.

Experience: At least one year of customer service experience is required.

Skills: Computer literacy is required. Good verbal and written communication skills are required. Requires the ability to work without constant supervision and within a framework of specific guidelines.

Certification: Annual certification for Adult/Child cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillators (AED) is required; proficiency will be demonstrated annually or as required. First Aid training will be completed every third year or as required.

Effort: The position is primarily sedentary, however it may require walking and/or standing for extended periods of time. The ability to lift and carry materials and equipment weighing up to twenty-five pounds on an occasional basis is required. The position periodically requires working outdoors in varied weather conditions, in confined spaces, and at heights.

Other: The scope of the position may require working evenings, holidays, and or weekends.


1. Promotes a positive image of the University by providing directions and information to students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the campus regarding campus locations, facilities, and activities.

2. Maintains parking lot traffic control and completes the daily parking receipt report.

3. Ensures that the parking booth is clean and orderly at all times.

4. Enforces University parking and traffic regulations by being knowledgeable of the parking and traffic regulations on campus.

5. Issues parking tickets in the general area of Carrington Avenue, but not limited to that area.

6. Contributes to the overall success and morale of the department by performing other essential duties as assigned by the Public Safety Officer Shift Supervisor.


The Public Safety Parking Control Attendant is supervised by the Public Safety Officer Shift Supervisor and does not supervise anyone.


MARCH 2008


Factor 1: Educational Requirements of the Job

Level 2 - 100 Points: The job requires a high school diploma or equivalent.

Factor 2: Skill Requirements - Craft and Trade Skills

Level 2 - 350 Points: General mechanical or technical aptitude and a general knowledge of, and experience in, a skill, craft, or trade. A general ability to understand procedures, operations, and/or operate basic equipment, that typically require some previous experience or training is required. Jobs at this level typically require at least one and up to two years of related experience for successful performance.

Factor 3: Managerial Responsibility

Level 1 - 25 Points: No responsibility for the work of others. Limited responsibility for expenses, purchases, or inventory.

Factor 4: Guidelines

Level 1 - 20 Points: Specific detailed guidelines covering most aspects of the job. Deviations from guidelines must be authorized.

Factor 5: Contacts

Level 3 - 100 Points: The purpose is to advise or counsel students, coworkers, or the general public, or to plan or coordinate work efforts with other employees who are working toward common goals and where relationships are generally cooperative. Contacts are moderately structured and routine.

Factor 6: Work Environment

Level 3 - 70 Points: The work area involves moderate discomfort and/or risk such as operating heavy machinery or dangerous equipment, or frequent exposure to hazardous materials. Alternatively, the work area may be subject to environmental discomfort such as poor ventilation. Loud noises, and/or extremes of heat or cold. The work often requires wearing protective gear that may be uncomfortable. The nature of the work environment may produce moderate levels of stress.

Factor 7: Physical Demands

Level 2 - 60 Points: Work requires some exertion such as standing for long periods of time, considerable walking, frequent bending kneeling, reaching, and stooping. May include occasional lifting of moderately heavy objects. Work may require specific but common physical abilities.

Factor 8: Responsibility for Facilities and Resources

Level 1 - 20 Points: The job requires limited levels of responsibility for facilities, money, tools, and/or equipment.

Factor 9: Complexity

Level 1 - 100 Points: The work consists of tasks that are clear-cut and directly related. There is little or no choice to be made in deciding what needs to be done. The actions to be taken are usually easy to discern and unambiguous, otherwise the employee requests assistance from a supervisor. Work is performed as it arrives or in an order set by someone else. The work can be learned relatively quickly.