2482 Director, Physical Therapy Clinic


TITLE Director, Physical Therapy Clinic




 IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Head, Physical Therapy

MAJOR ADMINISTRATOR Dean, College of Health and Human Services


The Director, Physical Therapy Clinic coordinates all activities related to clinic operations and assures compliance with all applicable city, state, and federal government regulations, the policies and procedures of the Department of Physical Therapy, Missouri State University, and the standards of all appropriate professional accrediting agencies. The Director, Physical Therapy Clinic provides an environment in which students may, under supervision, observe and participate in the care of clients. The Director, Physical Therapy Clinic is accountable for delivery of effective services to clients, fiscal management, staff management and development, supervision and education of students on clinical internships, coordination of all activities in the clinic, and marketing efforts.


Education A Master’s degree in Physical Therapy is required; a doctorate in Physical Therapy is preferred.

Experience Five years of clinical experience is required. Two years of management, supervision, and fiscal management experience is required. Successful experience in starting and administering a private physical therapy practice is preferred; experience in clinical research is preferred.

Skills Effective oral and written communication skills are required. The ability to facilitate good interpersonal relationships with clients, referral sources, and third-party payers is required.

Licensure Must have or be eligible for Missouri licensure as a Physical Therapist; must obtain Missouri licensure within 60 days of employment.

Certification Certification as an Orthopedic Certified Specialist is preferred.


1. Contributes to the effectiveness of the Department of Physical Therapy by supporting the goals and objectives established by the Head, Physical Therapy.

2. Ensures the effective delivery of services to clients by providing diagnostic and treatment services when appropriate.

3. Builds an effective clinic staff of professional, clerical, technical, and support staff by selecting, training, and evaluating each member and encouraging and supporting opportunities for individual and group development for all staff.

4. Assures the Physical Therapy Clinic operates in compliance with applicable accreditation standards, university policies and procedures, and city, state, and federal regulations by becoming knowledgeable of the standards, policies, and regulations referred to above and developing and implementing policy and procedure guidelines designed to keep the clinic in compliance.

5. Minimizes institutional liability by using APTA’s Guide to Clinical Practice, becoming knowledgeable of and following HIPAA regulations, and monitoring the status of required licenses and insurance.

6. Encourages communication and coordination of services by serving as the liaison for the Clinic with academic faculty, research projects, and interests of the Center for Multidisciplinary Health Education and Research.

7. Helps to ensure sound fiscal management of the Physical Therapy Clinic by preparing an annual budget request including part-time supervision requirements and annual equipment and materials requests, negotiating service contracts, and monitoring the billing and reimbursement of services provided for timeliness and accuracy.

8. Expands community awareness of the services provided by the Physical Therapy Clinic by developing marketing campaigns, advertising the services provided by the clinic, making presentations to professional and community groups, and developing public service activities.

9. Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses as necessary.

10. Contributes to the overall success of the Physical Therapy Clinic and the Department of Physical Therapy by performing all other duties as assigned.


The Director, Physical Therapy Clinic is supervised by the Head, Physical Therapy and supervises students and professional, technical, clerical, and other support staff.