Teamsters Bids

You must complete the Teamsters Shift Preference Sheet and deliver the form to the Office of Human Resources by the deadline indicated on the Bid Notice. The Shift Preference Sheet is also available in the Office of Human Resources.


Currently there are no open bids.



Bid Notice for Safety and Transportation

Posting Date:
Bid Deadline:

This is to provide notice that the following shift is currently open:

Radio Communications Officer
Safety and Transportation
Normal Work Hours:
12:00 AM to 8:00 AM
Normal Work Days:
Saturday through Wednesday
Shift Preference Sheet Code:

This bid opportunity is for full-time employees on regular appointment in Public Safety Officer or Dispatcher positions. The minimum qualifications for the position are listed in the job description which is available from your department head or in the Office of Human Resources. Those University employees possessing the necessary qualifications should update their Shift Preference Sheet and submit it to the Office of Human Resources by the bid deadline. This current open shift and all subsequent shift openings created by awarding this shift will be filled based on seniority, qualifications, and in accordance with the employee’s Shift Preference Sheet.

Office of Human Resources

Bid Notice Number: