Job Family 4


Job Family 4 consists of 481 employees in 375 executive, administrative, managerial, professional and paraprofessional jobs. Job descriptions must be accurate in order for the jobs to be evaluated properly. For this reason, job description reviews were coordinated within the major cost centers for Job Family 4 jobs. In addition to the review of the job descriptions, a worksheet was completed for each job by the cost center administrator to gather further information (supervisory and budget responsibility) about jobs that may not be included in the job description.

Once all job descriptions were reviewed and revised, five Job Family 4 Job Evaluation Committees met sequentially to evaluate all Job Family 4 jobs using the Job Family 4 Job Evaluation Plan, which can be found by clicking the link here. Job Evaluation for Job Family 4 began in July 2007 and was completed in October 2007.

Multiple salary surveys were used to determine market pay for as many jobs in Job Family 4 as possible, and salary survey data gathered from the jobs that have market data, called benchmark jobs, were combined with the results of the job evaluation process to create a pay line. This pay line associates job evaluation points with a dollar amount, enabling a pay rate to be established for jobs that do not have salary survey data. Because jobs typically do not have flat rates, jobs receiving similar point totals were grouped together to form a pay grade. Each new pay grade has an established pay range, with a minimum, midpoint, and maximum value, and all jobs in a pay grade will be paid within this established range.

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Current events

New pay grades and ranges for all Job Family 4 jobs were developed by the Compensation Analysts Team, and were reviewed and approved by Admin Council. Information about the new Job Family 4 pay grades and ranges can be found by clicking here. The first digit of the pay grade represents the job family associated with the grade.

All employees were notified of the their new pay grade and range on January 25, 2008. Following the notification of employees, the Staff Compensation Committee held a series of Open Forums in which the process of developing these new pay grades and ranges was discussed and employees had the opportunity to ask any questions about the new compensation system. The PowerPoint that was presented at these Open Forums can be found by clicking here.

Employees were also able to appeal certain decisions made in association with the Staff Compensation Project. Examples of decisions that could be appealed were the degree levels assigned during job evaluation and assignment to a job family. Appeals hearings were held in February and March of 2008, and employees were notified of the results of their appeal at the end of March 2008.