Job Family 1 Events of 2007

The Job Family 1 Job Evaluation Plan is made up of 8 compensable factors (education and experience requirements, complexity and technical mastery, responsibility for the work of others, guidelines, contacts, responsibility for facilities and resources, and physical effort and work environment). Each of these factors contains 3 to 7 different levels, and as the levels increase, more of that factor is demanded by a job and more points are awarded. All jobs were evaluated by a job evaluation committee on each of the compensable factors.

The Job Family 1 Job Evaluation Committee consisted of 11 members based on the number of Job Family 1 employees in each major cost center.

Cost Center # of employees in JF1 % of employees in JF1 # of appointments to JE Committee Employees on JE Committee Supervisors on JE Committee


162 44% 3 3


22 6% 1 1

Financial Services

30 8% 1 1


19 5% 1 1

Student Affairs

93 25% 2 1 1

University Advancement

10 3% 1 1

West Plains

23 6% 1 1


6 2% 1 1


365 100% 11 7 4

Appointments to this Job Evaluation Committee were made by the major cost center administrator. This committee consisted of incumbents of positions in Job Family 1 and supervisors of incumbents in Job Family 1 positions, as indicated above. Those appointed to the committee were required to have several years experience working at the University, have a good understanding of the work done by incumbents in Job Family 1, have effective communication skills, are team players, have the ability to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information, the ability to discuss, collaborate, and compromise to reach consensus, and the ability to make the significant time and effort commitment that serving on this committee demands.

The Job Evaluation Committee convened in May 2007 for two 2-hour meetings (May 2 and 7; 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.) to review the job descriptions of the new multiple incumbent jobs located across all cost centers. This same committee then met Wednesdays and Fridays (June 6, 8, 13, 15, 20, and 22) from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. to evaluate all Job Family 1 jobs using the compensable factors for this Job Family. Three to four hours of preparation time (rating the fifteen jobs to be evaluated at the upcoming meeting) was required for each meeting.

Job Evaluation Committee Members

Kandra Phillips, Administrative Secretary, Education
Tracy Patton, Library Associate I, Library Administration
Jennifer Jensen, Teacher Certification Assistant, College of Education
Teresa Steele, Executive Assistant to the Associate VP, Administrative Services
Teri Loch, Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff, University Relations
Marjorie Wieland, Coordinator Career Center, Career Center
Lori Pearce, Administrative Secretary, PSU, Conference Services
Kathy Miller, Records Supervisor, Office of Development
Diane Basom, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor, WP Chancellor's Office
Sheilla Morris, Executive Assistant, CASE
Nancy Myers, Accounting Manager, Financial Services


Multiple salary surveys were used to determine market pay for as many jobs in Job Family 1 as possible. In addition, universities in Missouri and surrounding states were surveyed regarding salaries of clerical and administrative support jobs. The salary survey data gathered on benchmark jobs were used with the results of the job evaluation committee to calculate a pay line. This pay line associates job evaluation points with a dollar amount, enabling a pay rate to be established for jobs that do not have salary survey data. Jobs receiving similar job evaluation point totals are grouped together to form a pay grade. Each new pay grade will has a salary range, with a minimum, midpoint, and maximum value; all jobs in a pay grade will be paid within this established range.