Open Enrollment 2014 - 2015

It is that time of the year again, Open Enrollment season. Open Enrollment is the period where employees can review/elect/decline/ or make changes to their benefits for the upcoming calendar year. Once elections or changes have been made, no changes can be made during the year unless they are due to a qualifying/life changing event, e.g. marriage, divorce, birth, etc. 

All employees are encouraged to go through the enrollment process even if you plan on not making any changes and keeping what you currently have. Not taking any action could result in the possibility of you having the incorrect benefits during 2015. Please refer to the Open Enrollment FAQs link below for addtional information.

Open Enrollment period is from Novembe 3rd to December 1st this year. Please take some time to review your benefits and use this time to make any elections or changes you would like. Once the 2015 calendar year begins, the next opportunity for benefit eligible employees to elect/decline/or change benefits will be during the 2015/2016 Open Enrollment period unless the change is due to a qualifying event.  

Enrollment will be online using our new Online Benefit Platform. Employees will be able to review/elect/decline/or make changes to their benefits. Benefits included in this Open Enrollment are Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Accident Insurance, Basic Life, and Supplemental Life Insurance for yourself and/or dependents. 

Since Basic Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, and Long Term Disability are 100% paid for by the University, they will not require action on your part. Please click  the Benefit Overview link below for an overview of the benefits being offered. After reviewing the links below, follow the instructions under Benefits Open Enrollment (below) to begin your enrollment process. 

Reminder - Your elections/changes will be effective January 1, 2015 with the first payroll deduction in December 2014. 

Annual Notice   - Provides an overview of your benefits

Annual Required Notice - Grandfather Status & Affordable Care Act

Sponsored Dependent - Affidavit

Sponsored Dependent FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Important Reminders - A short reminder of all actions necessary in November

Benefit Overview - Includes a short video of your benefits

Benefits Fair - Come learn more about your benefits

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs - A guide as you go through your benefits enrollment process

**Preferred Browsers**

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  • Google Chrome Image result for google chrome logo

Benefits Open Enrollment

  1.  Log in to
  2. Under the "Profile" tab, scroll down to the "Employment Details" section
  3. Under "Benefits"
  4. Click "Online Benefits Enrollment" to begin

Important Notes -

  • If you receive a login screen asking for credentials after step 4 above, please STOP, do not proceed any further, and contact Human Resources immediately. 
  • Please disregard any reference(s) to a Pin Number as you go through the enrollment process. 

 Please contact the Office of Human Resources or contact the benefits call center at 877.282.0808 between 7am - 4pm CST  if you have any questions or need further assistance.