Application Process

Thank you for your interest in employment at Missouri State University. You have taken the first step in securing a great future with a University committed to Public Affairs.

In an effort to make your application process more efficient and user friendly, we are moving from our current application tracking system to a new applicant tracking system. This change will occur over a period of time, so the information presented here will help you to find job postings in the current and new systems.

Some Full-time Staff opportunities will use the new system and will be listed below when available

Please look at the categories below to determine the correct system to use. If you have any questions please contact the Office of Human Resources at 417-836-5102.

Student employment

If you are a current Missouri State University student and seeking part-time work, please use the new applicant tracking system.

Staff employment opportunities

  • I am interested in full-time staff opportunities (Current System) please click here.
  • I am interested in full-time staff opportunities (New System) please click here.

Faculty employment opportunities

If you are interested in Faculty positions (Current System) please click here.

Part-time employment opportunities

Please proceed to the current system and fill out the General Vacancy Application (located in the last paragraph of the instructions, just above the header titled Current Openings) by clicking here.

West Plains campus employment opportunities

  • I am interested inStudent Employment opportunities. Please click here to go to the (New system). Choose the Student Employment fast link and then select West Plains Campus from the Work Location options.
  • I am interested in full-time staff opportunities. Please click here to go to the new system and view full-time employment opportunities by selecting the Jobs on West Plains Campus button on the Applicant Portal Page.