Missouri State University

HPS Program Application Instructions

The application to the HPS Program is only available online.  As part of the online application, students must upload the following documents:

  • An essay, consisting of no more than 500 words, reflecting the student's motivation for choosing a career in health care
  • A resume, no longer than two pages, that details extracurricular involvement, healthcare experience, volunteer/community service, leadership experience, honors/awards, or additional information a student deems pertinent

**If a student does not meet both of the acdemic criteria required for this program, s/he is also required to upload a supplemental 500 word essay to petition for admission into the program.

Students are permitted to start the application, save it, and return to it at a later time, however the application will only be active in the system for three months.  Students must have applied to Missouri State University before they will be permitted to complete the application. 

The formats of the essay and resume are at the discretion of the student.  No specific font, font size, margin size, style, or spacing is required or preferred.

The password needed to access the application is HPS2014

HPS Program Application

Once your application has been submitted, you may not access it to make access it to make changes/updates. 

Students must submit their HPS application by August 1 in order to be considered for the program.  At this time, space is not limited.